Best Ways to Get More Traffic from Instagram, with this Easy Content Plan

by Carter Toni

The most unnoticed Key Performance Indicator of Instagram is the most valuable Key Performance Indicator for marketers of contents. It provides referral traffic to your product pages and blogs.

It is difficult to imagine that traffic can be availed from such a social network that appears to be designed to hold its users inside the social platform, once and for all.

You can benefit from this simple framework. It is also the best way to repurpose your blog contents.

You will understand this better if you review some basics of social media marketing. If you wish to be as successful with Instagram, as you are with other social media networks, you need to

  • Understand fully well your unique audiences.
  • Be clear about everything you are offering to them.
  • Do not indulge in measures such as quick fixes and shortcuts.
  • Optimize your profiles for all individual networks and purposes.
  • Develop a good plan for contents.

All about the Link

It has both positive and negative aspects. The negative one is that the only place you can place a clickable link on Instagram, is in your bio. You have to change your bio, every time you post anything new on Instagram, to generate traffic to your article.

The positive aspect is the accounts with minimum 10,000 followers can give the viewers of the stories, the ability to swipe for a link.

Your first objective on Instagram is to get 10,000 followers. You must have to have a content plan to achieve this target.

Why a content plan is needed to drive Instagram traffic?

It is a proven fact that frequency in posting posts in Instagram is an important factor in generating followers in that social network. It should at least be one post every day. Another important factor is the recency of the posts that helps in prioritizing posts in viewer’s feeds.

drive Instagram traffic

Posting a post everyday on Instagram is difficult task. You have to have a strategy to regularize your postings, or you may miss the posting or skip a day of post, which will lead to missing out on traffic and engagement, for you.

A content plan makes the situation easy for you. You can keep posting for long haul and will be able to deliver fresh streams of recent contents.

It is important to think in batches of nine for you, with Instagram. No one will like to find your Instagram posts missing to a hash tag search and tap to see the rest of your profile.

Many bloggers planned their Instagram posts to create a checkerboard pattern by alternating black and white images with colored ones.

alternating black and white images

(Image: © Contentmarketinginstitute)

Clear editorial decision making has given the content a great look.

It is real important for you to know the technique of translating your blog content into visual first Instagram posts, for Instagram content planning.

The process by which you can translate a blog into an Instagram post

You have to distill your blog content into a visual format first, to be successful on Instagram. You have to focus on promoting your blog content while doing it.

You consider your brand colors and brand voice, for creating a stunning feed.

You have to rotate these colors in your brand palette, in your Instagram posts. You can experiment with one color for each five week plan, for getting best aesthetic appeal.

You can also pick a color from your logo to create one brand palette that your audience will like.

You can also pick a set of colors you like to work through the rainbow.

You now can look through the images of your blog posts, once you have your brand color palette. Are the images appealing enough to appear on Instagram? Will they work with the five week plan’s color theme?

You can also pick a quote from your blog post and convert it into an image quote for Instagram.

Tools such as iStock will help you to find new images. This tool allows you to search by color for an image that works both for the intended color palette and the post content.

You may want to convey the concept of speaking with voice search as the topic. You can also search iStock for the color of the five week plan and discover more than 142,000 options.

What is meant by Value Framework?

Value framework allows you to quickly create an Instagram content plan for five weeks at a time. Value framework also guarantees that your followers are able to find something worthwhile in your feeds. It makes the click on your blog for more valuable contents.

Types of VALUE contents you post on your Instagram account:-

  • Valuable- Educational or Helpful contents to make your audience learn something.
  • Aspirational- To make your audience attain a goal or a vision with tangible, idealized contents.
  • Lifecycle- Building awareness, nurturing relationship, encouraging action of your audience with these contents.
  • Unique-Branded and Proprietary contents, focused at your business.
  • Evergreen- Relevant, timely, useful contents for many more oncoming years.

You have to plan for your viewers who will be seeing nine posts at a time.

You should rotate through your value content that will keep your Instagram audience from being bored. It will give them constant opportunities to click through to your site for more contents.

How to use the framework for already existing blog content?

You now have to search for your stock of good blog contents. You need to assign your every post to one of the Value categories. You can then repurpose your blog contents on Instagram or on other social networks.


Search for blog posts that teach your audience something they do not know. Valuable contents have definitions, analogies or comparisons.

See the Image-

You can also resize the image in the post for Instagram.

See the Image-

You can also choose a new image that aligns with your post and complies with the image of Instagram, giving it a lighter and happier look.

See the Image-


It offers tangible help to your audience to achieve a goal or a vision. You can consider a few aspirational posts every month that is able to stand alone in Instagram, without any reference to your content.

See the Image-

You can also post a snippet on the important factors to transform the post into a standalone Instagram post. Standalone posts work well since Instagram viewers do not like blog promotions. You can also include some keywords and your brand name in the post.

See the tab-

You can highlight great ideas or quotes, from others in your industry that motivates you with your aspirational contents. Remember to Tag anyone you are quoting or highlighting.

See the image-


It helps in building awareness, in nurturing relationship or in encouraging action. Lifecycle posts are used to announce speakers for events.

See the Image-

Example of Lifecycle Blog Post-

See the Images-


It is a group of branded, proprietary contents that is focused on your business. It is a content that only you can provide.

This profile has case studies. You can also create image quotes from the case studies. It will highlight the value of your brand. You can give more content in the caption also.

Unique contents are also customer testimonials.

See the Images also from Ann Handley’s Instagram posts-


These types of contents are relevant and timely contents that remain useful for years to come.

See the Image-

You can also break along Evergreen Post into number of short Evergreen posts, to be able to fill the monthly slot at a single time.

See the images-

Never leave the traffic potential of Instagram untapped. Value framework will help you to reach the 10,000 followers mark fast. It will help your viewer’s swipe up to see links in stories. It will help you to make your content planning for Instagram simpler. It also does not need any new content from your writers.

You have to remember to

  • Choose a color scheme and remain with it, using one color family at a time.
  • Keep posting every day.
  • Keep rotating through all the VALUE frame contents.
  • Keep changing the link in your bio, to point to your desired blog. It will help you to grow your followers to the 10,000 mark soon.

Do you like the post? Do you have anything to add to it? Keep us posted.

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