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by Carter Toni

Gaming is a large part of our culture and it’s not going anywhere. The hardware is constantly getting better, like the consoles and the content on them, but there’s still one more thing that separates a passionate gamer from a casual gamer: their microphone. Choosing the best microphone for gaming can be difficult because many microphones sound great for other things but not for gaming. However, if you’re looking for one especially suited to gaming here are different microphones that have proven themselves time and time again in the world of high-intensity competition.

1. Blue Yeti

This microphone is tailor-made for PC gaming. It has 3 condenser capsules which enables the microphone to pick up a variety of sound, especially voice. It’s one of the best microphones for gaming and it has excellent sound quality for dialogue. The Yeti plugs into any USB port and has a headphone jack in case you don’t want your teammates to hear what you’re saying.

2. JLab Talk

JLab Talk takes the No. 2 spot for being small and foldable. This microphone has a USB plug, which is perfect for PC users who don’t have an actual sound card but just want a dedicated mic to make their voice carry around the enemy team during game. JLab Talk is also quite durable and doesn’t break easily. It can be folded up into a compact shape that’s ideal for storing in your backpack without taking up too much space.

3. Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball makes it onto our list of best microphones for gaming because of its’ design rather than its’ sound quality. The Snowball has a flexible design that makes it comfortable to use, especially if you have long hair. The comfort they feel means an easier time getting the microphone in their mouth and speaking clearly.

4. Razer Seiren X

The Seiren X is actually a perfect addition for gamers who like to play games on their TV. It is one of the best microphones for gaming. This microphone offers some useful features for gaming since it can be connected via USB or a 3.5mm cable, making it compatible with any device you want to use it from, console to PC. It also has voice activation so you can mute the mic just by saying something out loud and pressing your controller’s button.

5. Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a USB microphone that offers the advantage of having a sound card all in one. It has the ability to switch between the two modes of use (voice or music) at the touch of a button and is designed with great acoustics to make your voice richer and less tinny when you’re talking online. This mic is also very portable due to its size and portability, making it perfect for LAN parties!

6. Blue Yeti X

The Yeti X is the same as the original Blue Yeti. The sound quality does not differ much from the previous versions so you can rest assured knowing that this is a top-notch microphone for gaming. It also can be used for podcasting, singing, and singing that needs great echo or reverb using it’s USB mic input.

7. HyperX QuadCast S

The HyperX QuadCast S is a microphone that offers multiple benefits such as a 3.5mm connection, voice activation, and adjustable sound profile. It is amazingly durable due to its flexible design which makes it very easy to use and transportable for your PC gaming events. It also has auto mute, noise gate and other useful features to make your chat loud and clear when chatting online.

8. Blue Snowball iCE

The Blue Snowball iCE is a USB microphone that offers some amazing results for voice chat and can also be used with other devices such as tablets and laptops. It is known to be one of the best microphones for gaming. It is perfect for gaming due to its durable build and makes it easy to use which makes it a highly rated microphone for gaming. It comes with a tripod stand which allows you to stand the mic up without it falling over or moving around on your desk when you’re playing intense games. You can also connect this mic using the 3.5mm connector due to its versatility in device use.

9. Elgato Wave: 3

The Wave 3 is another microphone that offers portability, compatibility with a range of devices, and a USB connection. This mic also has some neat additions such as the ability to mute the mic through motion so you won’t have to hold down any buttons to make your voice go off.

10. Blue Yeti Nano

Although this microphone is more delicate than its’ counterparts, it’s especially great for PC gamers due to its portability, flexibility and amazing sound quality. The Nano is also ideal for Skype or other video chat services because of its lightweight audio performance.

11. EPOS B20

This microphone comes in at number 11 for being inexpensive, sturdy and easy to transport. It offers quite a lot of versatility with its impressive 40mm condenser capsule and is also very durable. It also comes with an elastic band that can be used to wind around the mic when it’s not being used or simply keep it close to your mouth when gaming.

12. Razer Seiren X Quad HD

The Seiren X Quad HD is another microphone that gives you the ability to switch between a variety of devices such as consoles, phones, tablets and computers through USB or 3.5mm cables. The ability to use this mic on different devices makes it a great microphone for gamers who like to play games on multiple platforms. It also has a noise cancellation feature that blocks out background noise so you can hear your teammates better when communicating.

13. Razer Seiren Elite

The Seiren Elite is a microphone that offers high-quality sound and the ability to switch between devices easily such as your tablet, laptop, phone or computer installed with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. It is able to switch between devices in seconds with its’ dedicated switcher on the microphone body and also comes with additional features such as automatic noise cancellation up to 20dB and even comes with a USB port for its own power supply.

The above are the top-rated microphones for gaming and should be a great fit for anyone looking to bring the best sound quality possible into their next gaming session.

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