Google’s New Features will let your Business Grow!

by Manisha Rao

In the previous blog post – ( Get Skyrocket Online Traffic With Google My Business ), we have talked about Google My Business. Just to refresh it, here is what it is. Google My Business is a simple way to claim your business on Google so that customers can easily find about your business. In this way, Google helps a customer to locate you when they search for your business. Not only this, a person can reach you if he searches for a service or a brand that you are offering.

Effortless ways to generate traffic

Google Business Start free

The new feature of the Google allows a customer to find good deal and make savings. Google knows what customers are looking for, so it is showing up the discounts and certificates that businesses can reward their clients. This way people will follow your business and whenever a new deal is posted they get notified.

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Below mentioned are some of the new updates by Google that will help in generating more traffic:

How Google My Business can generate traffic?

Google My Business has been designed by the Google to meet the needs of its users. And for this, Google is continually rolling out the enhancements to help businesses more accurately represent themselves online.


1. It engages users with latest offers: As a new feature Google has added a “FOLLOW” button to its business listings. It is the same way that social media has done for its individuals and organizations. The feature has been added by the Google added this feature to allow its users to be able to follow local businesses. This feature will definitely improve the visibility of business listings and will also help a business in directing more traffic to business websites. If any business is sharing the update more frequently, there is a greater chance to attract your potential customers, engage, and retain them.

FOLLOW Google Business Listing

2. Regular Reviews from customers: Google My Business will allow a customer to review for your business. It will not only optimize your presence, but will also inspire more clients to buy from you. So, you can get your customers to write glowing reviews for your business as it is believed that online reviews are as much as effective as individual recommendations.

BuzRush google Business Page review

Ways to encourage your customers to write reviews:

  • Request for a review in person
  • Send your customer a post-purchase email or requesting a customer to write a review
  • Answer to the existing reviews professionally
  • Thank the reviewers and address your complaints

3. Share information about promotional events: If you are registered on Google My Business listing and trying to promote your offers or events, you can do it with Google Posts in GMB.  This feature can be used to post about any of your promotional events or offers on Google Search and Google Maps. With this feature, it is very easy to showcase your best products, share news about your daily specials and highlight any new arrivals. Google Posts are the best ways to connect with your audience directly and help them in signing up to newsletter, buy your products, or learn about your offers.

How to create Google Posts?

Create your Google Post:

  • Log into your account on Google My Business
  • In the left column, click on Posts
  • Then, click on the Write your post
  • Choose a photograph and add description into the box
  • If you’re promoting an event, choose Event
  • Add start and end time
  • Select call to action button
  • Include URL to drive traffic
  • Review your information and publish

4. Google Assistant

Naab Mediterranean

Google updates are best of best. It is now letting a customer order food from restaurants and stores via Google Assistant. All a user need to do is to click on Order Now on the listing. After that they can the options to pick-up or delivery. Also, they can even order ASAP or schedule for later. Regarding payment, it can be done through payment modes like Google Pay. There is no problem, if you do not have one, as an additional option to add credit card or debit card is provided. More to this, Google adds the popular dish tab on your menu that people have loved the most.

Add Your Address

Google Trends can help you in increase traffic?

Google Trends is powered by Google to give you inside access to the amounts of valuable information, search data and analytics. Google Trends is capable of doing wonders for your business if managed properly. Due to its super spontaneous and user-friendly interface, Google Trends is able to analyze and research the data.  Google Trends works in three main categories, which are discovering, analyzing & optimizing. Let’s roll in.

Google Trends

1. Discovering: The foremost usage of Google Trends is to discover the trending topics. Google Trends presents you with tons of information about topics that are trending worldwide. This is again sectioned into two major sub sections that are trending now and top charts. 

Trending now: Trending now offers real-time data of the currently trending topics. These are the topics that are raised importantly in accordance with the search volume. It also provides the option to put filter on the outcome by categories. You can search different categories like cities, politics, lifestyle, shopping, sports, business, nature, science, entertainment, fashion, travel & leisure easily.

Top charts: This section highlights the topics with high search volume. The categories that fall under it include people, games, actors, books, movies, music, politics business, cars, and many more.

Top charts

2. Analyzing & Optimizing: Google Trends another usage is for analyzing the data. No matter if you are a business owner, blogger, salesperson, or anything else. If your profession involves engaging the people, this is perfect for you. Here you can understand and analyze the interests of your potential customers.


Google is improving its features and providing us with the updates day by day. And, in future too it will continue to improve Posts and expand its functionality. However, nobody is sure that how it will evolve, but businesses adopting new features are experiencing instant benefits right from the launch.

So, which is your favorite update in Google tools?

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