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by Manisha Rao

Google’s is amazing in many ways. It is not only understanding the user requirements but also coming up with seemingly constant updates and new features for their ease. These new updates can help any business in improving their marketing strategies and build traffic. Lets’ talk about a tool, which is most commonly used by businesses to get found by combining the business name, address, and phone number. It’s none other than Google My Business. Since its launch, the tool has helped more than 150 million local businesses to connect with their potential customers via business-specific online searches.

It is very interesting that Google has designed Google My Business in such a way that it meets the needs of its users. Why this tool has got so much popularity is because of its ease to work on mobile devices. For example, if you want an online restaurant reservation, all you have to do to take your mobile phone, search the restaurants near you and book your table. All thanks to Google My Business.

Google has been making constant changes to the tool. And, these changes have made it easier for the businesses to produce leads and increase sales. Let’s look at what Google My Business is capable of.

Before that, understand why your business need it?

We have become so dependent on the Google. Today most of the people search online when they want to find business. Not only searching, even purchasing can be done on the search engine itself. This is the primary reason that businesses should list themselves on Google, so that they can appear right when people search for products or services similar to what they are offering. Google My Business helps the businesses to get known by allowing interested customers to learn more or get in touch with them. It helps to create direct link with the customers.

Confused, if you could have Google My Business listing?

Well, the answer is very simple. Depending on the type of business that you have, Google will decide if you can be listed. Below mentioned are the requirements to help you figure out if your company can reap the benefits of a Google My Business listing:

Google My Business

  • Physical Address: Physical location businesses comprises salons, restaurants, stores, and so much more, where clients must visit to make a purchase.
  • Mobile businesses: The businesses which perform services at the client location fall under this category. However, they can still have a physical address where a customer can visit.
  • Individual practitioners: Professional businesses of a doctor, lawyer, or an accountant, for example, fall under the category. The category requires to have a physical location where customers can go. This is the only way by which Google can allow to create a listing for practice.
  • Service Area Businesses: This is expansion to the mobile businesses which I have covered above. For this category, Google has implemented “service areas” for brands so that they can travel directly to their customers.

Why do you need Google My Business?

If you have a business and confused why you should put your business in this, here are the reasons:

1. You will show up in Google Map Searches: One of the most prominent factors that clients take into consideration is while they find you in the search. If you have Google My Business, you will be shown in a quick Google search, which is wonderful for them in narrowing down the options. Google Maps indicate a local business which meets the requirements of customer.

Google Map

2. Cost-effective method: As you already know, GMB is a free business listing tool that helps to put your business in front of many potential customers. Yes, there are other listings too, but they come at a price. Whereas, GMB listing gives customers an inside look of what your business is like and what are your busiest hours as well as review ratings. If you are just starting out a business or have a limited budget, GMB is best for you.

Google’s New Features Will Let Your Business Grow!

3. Expand your presence: With GMB, you can see insights and activities on how customers are searching for your business, or where they are coming from. The information is easily accessible and you can look on local search results in Search and Maps. All this information will help you in creating and tracking the performance, which will later help you in expanding your business.

content marketing - Google Maps

How Google My Business can help in Optimizing your Business?

Before you optimize your Google My Business profile, it is important to claim it. Once you have claimed your business you can optimize your GMB profile.

1. Share the latest information: Share the latest information from time-to-time, so that whenever a customer searches something online like directions, opening hours or photos Google My Business will show you in the list and tell the customers about what makes your business special.

2. Customer engagement: The ultimate goal of any business is to make customer satisfied with their services. With GMB, you join the conversation about your business. And, by this way your customers can respond to reviews, answer messages and questions.

Ginger Delhi RYN - Google Maps

3. Set up for free: Build your free website with GMB, which is easy to create and edit your site. GMB is perfect tool to give you information about which photos get noticed, and where your customers come from and what activities they are doing.

Google Business Start free

GMB lets you stand ahead of competitors

By displaying essential information about your business, GMB lets you engage with your potential customers. Not only this, it displays a brief description about the business to help customers quickly identify if your business is what they’re looking for. An effective GMB offers snapshot of your business, comprises relevant keywords, and depicts something unique to help you show your value.


When it comes to getting your local business ranking, it is not possible without a tool like Google My Business. In a highly competitive industry, any business may use Google My Business to optimize their business online in order to get a jump on their competition. GMP helps you to find out what you need to become customers’ favorite. GMB let a customer come to you by analyzing what they want and if your business is capable of providing them so.

Have you registered your business yet on Google My Business?

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