How Can You Make Google Adwords Simple?

by Carter Toni

What exactly is Google Adwords?

You must be interested to know about Google Adwords or Adwords Google, if you do not know about it already. So, here goes, Google Adwords is an advertising service, provided by Google. Google Adwords is exclusively useful for business organizations, who would like to display their business advertisements on Google and on its all advertising networks.

Google Adwords Step By Step Guide

This Adwords Google program helps businesses to fix their budgets for their business advertising. This service allows the businesses to make their payments only when the viewers click on the advertisements. Adwords Google program is mainly a Keyword oriented program.

Adwords Google is a service that can give instant results, if it is done right. It can generate sales within an hour’s time. This service is completely based on performance.

How does Google Adwords work?

Adwords Google helps businesses to create relevant advertisements by using Keywords. These Keywords are used by people, who search the Websites, using Google Search Engines. Keywords trigger the related advertisements to be shown to the viewers upon being Adwords Google login. Adwords at the top have advertisements that appear under the heading of “Sponsored Links”. It is found on the right hand side or above the results of Google Search. The moment the viewer clicks on the Adwords Advertisement, he is directed to the website of the advertising business.

GoogleAdwords guide

The Keyword Matching options for Adwords campaigns

Different Keywords matching options are available when you choose Keywords for your Adwords advertisements. These matches may be divided into groups:-

  • Broad Match– This keyword helps immediately reaching to maximum users for your advertisement, the moment the keyword is searched for.
  • Negative Match– This option of keyword matching prevents your ad from showing. It can be with a search for a specific word or phrase, specified by you.
  • Phrase Match– Your advertisement is shown for searches that match the exact phrase.
  • Exact Match– Your advertisement is shown by the searchers that exclusively match the exact phrase.
Google Adwords - Keyword Type

(Image: © SearchEngineJournal)

Adwords Google Login is really a powerful advertising service

People visit Google to look for something they want. They look for something specific that makes them login to Google. These people have intent to buy something they want. People type the words literally telling what product or service they want to buy.

This makes Google Adwords a powerful and profitable service for businesses. It is the best form of Search Engine Marketing tool available to them. It drastically cuts down in Cost per Thousand Impressions, in comparison with other advertising models. The business makes payments only for results in Adwords Google login system.

Google Adwords is a marketplace. The companies pay for their websites to be ranked at the top of a search result. It is a keyword based process.

Google allows the big brands to be in its organic search rankings. It is difficult for the small brands to outrank the big brands.

Here Adwords helps.

The businesses need not wait for being on the top, with Adwords. It can very well jump straight on the top on the page in a few months, by building an array of contents and links.

Steps to make Google Adwords simple

Step 1. Adwords Budget should be carefully calculated

It is very easy task to do. You have to calculate your Cost per Click or CPC. CPC is the product of your profit, multiplied by commission by Google and Your rate of Conversion. Now you can scale your maximum CPC to finalize your advertising budget.

Have a few clicks to get started. Your volume of data increases with time. Once you can determine your maximum CPC, you can fix your budget for advertising. You can now know for how many days you can run your advertising campaign on Google Adwords in that budget.

Adwords offers you options for bidding. You can have Manual CPC, Automatic CPC or Enhanced CPC. Google will adjust bids to get you the best possible Cost per Conversion on a campaign.

Google adwords Bid Strategy

(Image: © Neilpatel)

Cost per Thousand Impression bidding applies only to the Display Network. You need to pay an amount on per one thousand impressions. CPM bidding does not maximize leads of conversions. It is useful only to create brand awareness.

CPM bidding

(Image: © Neilpatel)

The bidding strategies can be optimized with Bid Modifiers. The three common Bid Modifiers are Geographic Locations, Device and Day parting. Geographic location tells about the location of the searcher, Device tells about the device someone is using and Day parting tells about the days and times you want your advertisements to show up.

Step 2. You must pick a Keyword

You must pick your keywords for your Google Adwords words. Google Keyword Planner gives good help in this. You can find new keywords to get search volume data.

pick a Keyword

(Image: © Neilpatel)

You must look for your keywords from your customer’s point of view. Type exactly what your customer would type to find your product. You can also set product category, targeting your customers. You can also opt for branded searches to net your customers, who search by names.

You should look for keywords based on

  • What is trending!
  • Seasonality of Events!
  • Site Search, defining the people already searching your site.

You always consider the match type for your keywords. Based on Broad Pics, Phrase Pics and Exact Pics. You can also use a blend of the three match types. It gives you a good cross section of Search Terms.

keywords based on

(Image: © Neilpatel)

Please be sure to exclude the Negative Keywords.

Step 3. You must be aware of the competition

You must keep a constant watch on your competitor’s business. You can thus outrank them faster. You can determine the quality of your advertisements and make them better, by using Competitor’s Intelligence. It shows you the Click through Rate and the number of companies, those advertised for these keywords, for the past three months. You can also find good keywords for Adwords.

aware of the competition

(Image: © Neilpatel)

You can do so by looking up the keywords used by your competitor. Then you can use them to reverse the business in your favor.

Step 4. Your landing page must be extraordinary

You spend your money on Adwords with Google to get traffic to your website. But you need to convert your visitors to pay you for your business.

Here is where your landing page comes in. Does it make your visitor to stay on the page, or does he shifts in seconds? Make your viewers to stay on your landing page to make them buy your products. Spend extra money on the improvement of your landing page, if you have to. Don’t wait any further.

This page must be able to convert your visitor. You have to

  • Keep the design of your landing page simple.
  • Make the headlines powerful.
  • Write clear content. Don’t use complex terms.
  • Do use bullet points, images, pictures, and other visual elements.

Adwords Quality Score grades the relevance of your landing page. It has to match your Key phrase.

Step 5. Set up your first Google Campaign perfectly

You have to determine about the physical presence of your customers first. Define their geographical location correctly. Then only you can correctly enter your keywords. The campaign for India cannot be successful in the United States.

geographical location

(Image: © Neilpatel)

You need to set up campaigns for your own products and brands. You must know about the keywords you are targeting to set up your campaigns. You have to decide first as to how these Adwords campaigns need to be set up, which part of the funnel they are going to target. Then only you can decide about the details of creating an advertisement campaign.

advertisement campaign

(Image: © Neilpatel)

Step 6.You write carefully your first advertisement

Please be precise in your writing your advertisements. You can have a Unique Value Proposition to help you. It gives one sentence description of your customer’s benefits.

Think how you can make your advertisement different from others. Change patterns of sentences. Don’t be very complex about it.

Do include a Call to Action. It is very important. It makes people to click on your website.

Do not use Negative Superlatives. It spoils the business. Make a sequence of –

  • A catchy headline.
  • The Display URL
  • The Copy of the advertisement.
  • The Call to Action.

Step 7. You have to fix the details

Initially the Google sets the setting to fix the broad matching of your advertisements. But it is not always much targeted. You should opt for Phrase Match to get best results. It contains your keyword as a fixed phrase and can have other terms around the Keyword.

Step 8. You set up your conversion tracking system

You have to use a snippet of code on the page that is reached by the users, after every successful purchase from you. It helps the Google Adwords to know that there was a purchase every time that a user reaches this page after clicking on an advertisement. You can set it up by going to the tools and then Conversions.

Google reviews your advertisement, before it shows it to the people. So, be selective in creating your advertisements.

You get your account up and running now. The results will come over the next few days only. You just wait for it.

How do you like this article? Do you find Adwords with Google beneficial? Do give your comments.

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