AMP for Email: More Power to Email Marketing

by Carter Toni

Oh yes, there is something new around the corner for email marketing. It is Google AMP for email. After Google launched AMP, Gmail became its first email client to support AMP. Not only this, it has also incorporated dynamic and interactive elements in email. Let’s just know what is AMP.

What is AMP for email?

Before going into deep, let’s know the full-form of AMP. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is known to be an email technology, allowing the email marketers to implant the interactive elements into the emails without opening a new tab to visit a website.

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AMP lets you create a lightweight system with speedier loads. AMP is a technologically-advanced framework, which is made up of HTML, CSS and JavaScript—the classics. AMP for Email is all about the dynamic and interactive content. Google has embedded special patterns in AMP HTML code for sending interactive elements. This could be done while real-time data is based on the principle of server-stored content. In other words, what we can say is that the dynamic data is not encoded in the email body but stored on a server. Of course, it is a deep process as it seem and is not too easy to implement. AMP is a system reconstruction. AMP is powerful for the developers as it will help them to create more engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences.

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AMP for email

How important is AMP email?

1. Expands email usage: AMP emails offer the subscribers with more web-page-like experience. Email marketers can easily implement interactive functions, which were only accessible on webpages such as forms, event invitations, confirmations, carousels, accordions, replying to a comment, etc., directly into the email inbox. AMP enhances the subscriber engagement by maximizing the time spent on your emails.

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2. See up-to-date information: AMP is a technology, which can help emails remain up-to-date. This eliminates the reason to send fresh messages every now and then. Not only this, it segregates the emails in the recipient’s inbox accordingly so they won’t have a huge backlog messages that are unread.

3. Personalization like never before: For marketers, it has been possible with the help of AMP that they can receive and send back more data. This feature enables the brands to personalize emails and apart from that AMP emails are dynamic and ensures that the content is updated within the email.

4. Secured technology benefits: AMP for email uses the technology which limits the use of data from 3rd party services to make AMP emails secure. AMP ensures that the clients feel more secured and this is the reason advertisements are not allowed in AMP email functionality.

5. Less competition: Google is the only one who launched it and this technology is red hot. And, it will take time until marketers will use it so it is an opportunity to jump ahead of your rivals by using AMP elements in emails.

What do you need to know about it?

1. It make emails dynamic and interactive: Google’s AMP for Email provides a subset of AMPHTML components for use in email messages. It supports greater personalization and offers a whole new world of possibilities for content engagement.

2. It doesn’t require a separate delivery solution: AMP for Email works on a new MIME part. If we talk about it in non-technical terms, it means AMP emails can be sent as part of normal HTML emails. AMP functions as a part of the current email infrastructure and marketers do not have to send emails separately based on a recipients.

What are the applications of AMP?

AMP is a great idea for businesses so let’s see how you can incorporate AMP in your email marketing strategy.

1. Ecommerce: These websites are largely benefited from AMP as it offers a complete checkout option within the email itself. Any subscribers or users can directly make the purchase from this email and completing the checkout process without landing on a webpage.

2. Travel and food industry: AMP email is highly beneficial for travel and food industry as it let the user to check the availability of the tickets and book the same from the email itself. And, the idea could be implemented for booking a movie tickets or a table at a restaurant. This way different industries are benefited from AMP.

3. Survey emails: Survey emails become more effective due to the implementation of AMP as it allows the readers to respond right in the email. Having AMP integrated, the user will have a smooth experience and do have to go to the landing page to give their feedback.

4. Event invitations: Sending invitations for an event has really become easy with AMP. You can send invites where the recipients can RSVP directly through the email. AMP generates better engagement with the emails.

How AMP is different from HTML email?

We have talked about AMP a lot. What it is, what it can do and how it is beneficial. Let’s see how it is different from usual HTML email? Technically, AMP email is a typical HTML email. Only it has a limited JavaScript markup where you can add AMP elements. The ESPs that are important in email don’t support the full range of JavaScript capabilities in an HTML email. Also, you have to very carefully control and limit the JavaScript library.

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Some of the major email service providers who are using AMP are Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook, and Some of the supported AMP elements are: amp-fit-text, amp-list, amp-sidebar, amp-bind, amp-carousel, amp-image-lightbox, amp-timago, amp-anim, amp-img, amp-selector, amp-accordion, amp-form, and amp-state.


Clients and subscribers nowadays look for things that are easier and less time consuming. And, AMP for email enables the users an easier, friction-free way to interact with brands via email.

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So, by this, one thing is confirmed that implementing AMP email technology in business can not only create a more interactive and engaging environment for customers, but it may also help you bring the email communication to the next level and boost sales. By reading this article, you will understand, how AMP is helpful for you how you can use it. You will also be able to analyze the importance of AMP email and how it can open up new business opportunities by running the dynamic marketing campaigns.

So, when are you upgrading to AMP for Email?

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