How can you tell if a fruit slot machine is going to pay soon

by Carter Toni

Random number generators present in slot machines make the outcome of each spin completely random, making it less likely that the average player finds it easy to win – take a look.

But how do some players win frequently from a fruit slot machine? Does the random number generator just like them to win? Are they favoured by luck?

Well, contrary to that conclusion, they have just mastered the rule of thumb, which ensures they know a fruit slot machine cash frenzy is near. Check out the tools they use that you aren’t

Obtain Information

Information is the first step in your strategy to win. You can gather news around or sign up on a platform where people review a particular fruit slot machine to know how often people win from the slot on the average and the extent it pays or if it constantly pays a negligible amount. The moment you know this, you can tell if the fruit machine of your choice will pay sooner or not.


Especially for slot sites, a way to know how soon past winners won is by checking the return to player (RTP). This can be easily found about most online fruit slots on their websites.

RTP shows the amount of money you can bank on getting as a result of playing the game. The higher the RTP value, the likely it is to pay out frequently.

Choosing a fruit slot machine with an RTP rate of 96% and above puts you on top of your game and lets you know it will allow frequent wins.


Getting information about how recently someone cart away with a fruit slot machine’s jackpot is another way to know it’s going to pay.

If you want a payday soon, then before making a fruit slot your choice, check if someone has won the jackpot recently. If that’s the case, there are small odds in your favour to be the winner. But if that happened in quite a long time, you have higher chances the moolah is coming to you or anybody else soon.


Volatility is another sure indicator of a fruit slot machine’s generosity. It is common knowledge that fruit slots with low volatility are of low payment ratio and frequent payouts, while slots with high volatility are the exact opposite. So, if you choose a fruit slot for the purpose of winning, find out its volatility, and you will have an idea if you can expect a payday soon or you are in for a long haul.


If you have been thinking there is no way to find out a fruit slot machine is going to pay out, you just might be wrong, and you have not been looking out for the right signs.

While it is impossible to precisely identify when a fruit slot machine’s moolah party is going to happen, the above are some things you can look out for.

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