How to Choose the Best Slot for You in Canada?

by Sean Dixon

Slots are one of the most common games played in a real money online casino with no deposit sign up bonus Canada. Slots work by generating random numbers to predict the outcome of every spin. In other words, there is no real strategy to the game, just plain luck! Its mode of operation is why many punters love to play the game. But despite how a slot machine works, there are a few things you can consider that will help you choose the best slot for you. 

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This article will help you ask the right questions when you want to choose the best slot. These questions will help you consider several factors that separate one slot from the other. And at the end, you will be able to shorten the long list of slot games and pick what works best for you. 

What Type of Slot Do You Want to Play? 

There are different slots available for you to choose from. So, the first crucial question you should ask yourself is what type of slot I want to play. Knowing the slot game type that entices you will help you narrow down the numerous options. To give you an idea, here are some of the different types of slots: 

  • Classic Slot 

Classic slots are the regular slot machine or some of the first slot machines. The gameplay and design of the classic slot are simple. Classic slots have fewer reels and pay lines, typically about three reels and 1 to 3 pay lines. Also, most classic slots have no special symbols or bonus rounds. 

  • Video Slot 

As the name suggests, video slots feature an extra layer of multimedia. Video slots come with better animation, sound, theme, and gameplay. It is common to see additional features in video slots, such as more reels, pay lines, and so on, to add to the sense of excitement.   

  • Progressive Slot 

A progressive slot tends to have the highest payout because a portion of every wager goes to a pot. Every wager will keep adding to the pot until a punter wins it then, after which it will reset and start accumulating again. The amount the jackpot rises is based on a tiny percentage of punters’ activities on the machine. 

  • Multi-Pay Line Slot 

A multi-pay line slot is a type of slot that offers more than one pay line. There are more symbols and lines for punters to cover in a multi-pay line slot. The pay line on a multi-pay line slot can be as much as 243, 720, or even 1024 lines. While you have to gamble more per spin, that is where the fun is in trying to hit the jackpot. 

Bonus Features 

Another thing to consider when you are searching for the best slot for you is to consider the slot’s bonus feature and read about Crypto Star Luke Hemsworth. A slot with a bonus feature boosts your chance of winning, especially with the jackpot. Look out for bonus features in slot games like wild and scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are the highest-paying symbols you can trigger in the bonus round. The wild symbols can duplicate themselves, transform regular symbols, and double your wins. 

Aside from looking out for special symbols, free spins are another bonus that makes slot games fun. With free spins, you get a bonus round to spin the reels of the slot and increase your chance to win more. Moreover, some slots feature minigames wherein you may be asked to choose from two or more options. Depending on the game theme, it could be symbols, cards, or colours. 

Number of Pay Lines 

Different slots come with other pay lines. Before choosing any real money online casino slot game, confirm how the number of pay lines it comes with. Aim for a slot with many pay lines as it determines the different ways in which you can win. Check the paytable where all the symbols are listed to know the value of each symbol. Note that the pay lines of slot games are different. Some of the pay lines to look out for include: 

  • Adjustable pay line. You can bet on the pay line of your choice. 
  • Fixed pay line. You can bet on a set pay line. 
  • Win both ways pay line. You can win from left to right or right to left across the pay line. 

Consider the Payback 

If you are concerned about your take-home prize, you should learn more about the factor affecting payback. The payback percentage of a slot game, also known as Return to Player (RTP), is an estimated amount you can expect to win in the long run. The variance of an online slot can influence the payback. A slot with high variance means your bankroll is prone to rapid and bit swings between highs and lows. While the one with low variance means you will provide steadier play, your bankroll doesn’t fluctuate as much. 

Knowing what you are looking for in an online slot game is essential before selecting based on variance. Find a low variance slot if you want to play for a long time with a small bankroll. But if you have a significant risk appetite, you should go for a high variance slot. 

What Kind of Themes Do You Prefer? 

It’s no surprise that slots have different themes, and some are better than others so you could learn how to gamble at home. However, the theme of the slot you choose does not affect your ability to win the game or not. Instead, it makes it fun and exciting. Spinning the reels of a slot can get boring after a while, so it is essential to choose the one you feel comfortable with the look and feel of the game. 

You can find slots with diverse themes to suit your wants. For example, you can find a slot with Egyptian culture. Or you might want to try one with a fun story attached to it, one that advances as you play. In summary, there are several styles of online slot games you can play with fun with diverse turns and twists.  

Read Reviews and Ratings of the Slot

If you feel doubtful about a slot and feel interested in participating in it, it is helpful to check the rating and read online reviews about the slot. By reading the reviews, you will know whether you are on the right path or not. The best features of a particular slot will be listed in the review. 

Through trustworthy online review sites, you will get a brief description of how you can easily trigger the bonus rounds. When you find the right slot to play, ensure you set a wager limit to avoid overspending. Responsible gambling should always be obsessed at all times. 


Deciding on a slot game to play can be frustrating as there are myriads of slots at online casinos to choose from. However, with the tips in this article, you can quickly narrow down the list and select the one that’s best for you. And who knows, you might win the jackpot prize.

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