How to Convert Money to Bitcoin – The Easy Way to Buy BTC!

by Glenn Maxwell

Do you have some money that is lying in the bank? You can decide to buy Bitcoin and start your crypto investment journey. BTC is still the most popular digital asset with many opportunities for making a profit. Although cryptos are volatile, BTC has proven to be stable and is likely to grow consistently. After all, it has survived the COVID-19 pandemic this far without taking a significant blow. If you check well, there are all good reasons to buy Bitcoin.

This incredible article will cover how to convert money to Bitcoin using popular options. You are free to try any of them today.

Buy Through a Crypto Exchange

The first thought for anyone who is wondering how to convert money to Bitcoin is to use a crypto exchange platform. These are mostly CEXs that facilitate buying of popular cryptocurrencies. There are two types: online and physical exchanges.

  • Online exchanges – The most convenient way is to use exchange on a web platform or mobile app to buy Bitcoin. Usually, they accept various payment methods such as bank transfers, online payments, and mobile payments. And they are instant as well.
  • Physical exchanges – Although they are not so popular because cryptocurrency transactions are mostly online services, some companies do offer physical operations that operate as a bank. NakitCoins in Turkey is the type where you can walk in and get assisted to convert your money into Bitcoin within minutes. The good thing is that physical exchanges accept cash and other payment options.

Peer-to-Peer Exchanges

Would you like to know another option of how to convert money to Bitcoin? P2P exchanges offer one of the best options for people who want more control of the platforms they use. Unlike CEXs that rely on a centralized platform to process the Bitcoin buying process, these DEXs have no broker in the middle.

However, there is a platform where people buy and sell cryptocurrencies of their choice including Bitcoin. These platforms connect buyers and sellers who might decide on how they want to trade. Look for reliable platforms and convert your money into BTC in just a few easy steps.

Buy at a Bitcoin ATM

Do you have some money that you wish to invest? You should know how to convert money to Bitcoin using a BTC ATM. These are sophisticated self-service automated machines designed for crypto transactions. Although they are not yet very popular, you could be lucky to have one near you.

Ensure that you have your money ready, either cash or in the bank, and your BTC wallet to store your coins. The machines have easy-to-follow instructions, so there’s no need for assistance.

Buying from an Individual

Do you know you could buy BTC from someone you know? If you have this option, there is no need to worry about how to convert money to Bitcoin. All you need is to give them cash and they will transfer equivalent BTC into your digital wallet. It’s simple.

With these options, it is easy to invest your coins easily. Now that you know how to convert money to Bitcoin, make the right decisions.

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