Digital Marketing is booming. And, its tactics and techniques are making the Internet a crowded place. You will be surprised to know that there are over 70,000 new blogs and articles are published every hour. Yes, you heard that right, every hour! Now, for a new entrepreneur it is very difficult to stand out of the crowd. It is difficult not impossible. It is definitely possible if you have a plan of action to publish and promote attractive content.

You may still be wondering what the thing behind a successful online businesses is.

What really drives the traffic on the website?

You may have done the brainstorming on your subject matter or even have scheduled your social media shares, but it’s not SEO or social networks, its Content Marketing. When done in a right manner, Content marketing can change the fate of any website. Content is a big part of whatever you do for your website.

Before all this, maybe a decade ago, all a company needed was to register itself online to make its business successful. There was no need to do the SEO or anything, a few pages of primary information were enough to explain the products and services. At that time, the real goal was to get potential clients to call or visit a store physically.

Now things have changed. Internet has grown to be a powerful marketing tool, which can take our business to the new heights of success. And, in this a strong content marketing strategy could help your business passively reach to the potential customers, answer their questions, and convert them into leads.

This is the reason that more and more organizations and reputed brands are directing on content marketing as an impressive strategy. In order to market your online business, some type of social media or content strategy is used. But, the problem with this tactic is that many other businesses use those same platforms.

So, we constantly need to find new ways to make business stand out in the crowd from our competition. Always keep in mind that content is the king and creating qualitative content will let you stand pretty in Google rankings. So, start with writing some good blog posts with strategically placing the keywords. But, content marketing is more than just blog posts, it’s about creating a valuable destination.

Digital Marketing is booming. A great example of a company taking advantage of digital marketing is I AM Builders, a construction estimating business.

Content marketing can feel overwhelming to you. If you’ve run out of ideas for driving content marketing as a strategy, we have shared some of the best tips to give your content efforts a new lease on life. You can thank us later:

1. Creating a content marketing plan: Always remember that a flourishing content marketing strategy begins with a full-proof plan. Talking about the content marketing, the first thing that comes in mind of anyone person would be the blogging. Yes, that is one of the techniques, but to have a content marketing strategy, it’s not just about posting a blog and start writing content online. Blogging is one of the important aspects, not the end of the story. Blog is one the mediums to execute content marketing plan, however a well thought plan must include all the tips that are mentioned below.

2. Publish good quality content consistently: So much content has been produced on the daily basis and competition in today’s world has never been more intense. So, it’s important to publish only the very best content possible, else you will not succeed. It’s always better to post one excellent blog per week than five mediocre blogs. Apart from setting the quality bar incredibly high, you also have to meet the standard. And, meeting the high quality standard is the real challenge for even the most experienced content production teams. This is why content is the primary thing that could let you stand out from an ever growing large crowd and making your voice hearable.

3. Research your competitors: Content Marketing s the sure shot technique which is considered by 48% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers, approximately. This means, you not the only person who is going to use content marketing to attract clients with content. With this data, it is understood that you have a good amount of competition and it also means that you got the opportunity to look what other businesses are creating. So, researching your competitors and looking what they are doing with their content schemes could help you with yours.

4. Build a network of social profiles and pages: Social media post is another content marketing tactic which is more popular than blogs. You will be surprised to know that known social platforms like YouTube and Facebook are used on daily basis by the majority of account holders. It is known that most of the people use social media platforms multiple times throughout the day, that’s why it makes sense to create and promote content there.

5. Customization of content: It is important to customize the content as per the audience. So, before you start writing or commissioning your first word, research your current and desired audience. You can create several buyer personas and start writing, which could target every one individually. People tend to respond to the messages that are intended directly for them. And, creating content for each persona will let you communicate more directly and make a stronger connection.

6. Expand FAQs: This is the best way to attract a customer. As any customer would surely need an answer to their query. And, expanding FAQ’s is the simplest ways to create content as it will be helpful in providing best information to the readers that are looking for. Use the technique of expanding the FAQs into posts, graphics, videos, or various other content.

These are some of the tips to improve your local business through content marketing. Now that you have got an outstanding idea of creating a content marketing strategy to improve local business, you can now start your business. Also, under content marketing, you should arm yourself with topics that will be sure shot hits with audience situated in local area. Content Marketing is the ticket to increase your site’s traffic and sales, use it well.

By Carter Toni

BuzRush Staff