In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals What are Fortnite Rainbow Rentals?

by Glenn Maxwell

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is presently under way as players across Australia, Canada, the Uk, and also the U . s . States are experiencing the season. Probably the most thrilling area of the season would be the color bottles players have to get. It’s known as the colour Bottle for Blueberry Yellow may be the one special players will discover within Rainbow Rentals.

Rainbow Rentals is found in the southern area of Carol Hatchery and west of Shanty Town. The place of Fortnite Rainbow Rentals , you will find five rental bungalows. Each one is three sections long having a balcony that overlooks the shore.

What exactly are Fortnite Rainbow Rentals?

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals may be the location in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 by which players will need to go to upgrade the Toona Fish and discover the colour Bottle for Blueberry Yellow. The important thing region into the spotlight can help unlock a number of things, such as the Blueberry Yellow Color Bottles to Toona Fish.

However, they should be aware the precise location into the spotlight so that they can can get on easily. If you’ve not visited in the Rainbow Rentals earlier, you may find it hard to discover the location and uncover these Color Bottles.

In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals – How to locate the place?

You will find steps players should follow to be able to locate their Rainbow Rentals into the spotlight.

Players must have the ability to find Carol Hedges and get the weapon. This can make sure that any opponents who’re searching for the similar colors of bottles aren’t capable of getting a fast killing.

Have a turn towards toward the south-west direction across the shoreline beach, after you have collected the gears

Rainbow Rentals is found in the road to free airline from the map.

After you have arrived at the region, you will have to uncover three bottles of color to Blueberry Yellow In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals.

Once you have collected the fish, you have to find the correct color for Toona Fish.

These steps will aid you to locate the precise location and also the three color bottles for Blueberry Yellow.

How to locate Blueberry Yellow Color Bottles in Rainbow Rentals?

After finishing The Rainbow Rentals, players need to locate the 3 colored bottles. Here are the places where players will discover the 3 bottles of color within the Rainbow Rentals.

First color bottles are available just over the rocks, underneath the huge tree that overlooks the shore.

Just in central home The second color is situated. in Fortnite’s Rainbow Rentals

Third color bottles can be found among unknown rocks.

Fundamental essentials places where players can locate colored bottles in Rainbow Rentals. After getting collected the 3 color bottles based in the game’s map, gamers can to get into their Blueberry Yellow color for that Toona Fish. It is also put into the locker in”Edit” “Edit” section.


Rainbow Rentals are available available into the spotlight in game Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8. The web site enables you to identify color bottles so as to get into The Toona Fish skin hanging around. If you’ve learned the steps to follow along with where to look for individuals color-bottles in Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, you’ll be able to start your search today.

Maybe you have encounter these color containers in Fortnite Rainbow Rentals? Please tell us your experience of your comments ought to box

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