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Sikora might also have his eye on Ozark Book II: Ruth and Frank Jr. as he prepares for Power Book IV: Force.

Speaking to EW ahead of his own Power spin-off, which follows his fan-favorite character Tommy Egan, Sikora addressed the evolution of his Ozark character, Frank Cosgrove Jr. Sikora joined the cast of Netflix’s powerful crime series in season 3 as the Kansas City mobster heir, and while working under his father, the younger Cosgrove butted heads with Ruth (Julia Garner), which eventually resulted in him brutally attacking her. This led to Darlene (Lisa Emery), seeking revenge for her new partner by walking up to Frank, who was sitting in his car, and shooting him just below the belt at close range. When Ozark caught up with Frank in the first half of season 4, he appeared to be a changed man, apologizing to Ruth for what he did to her and genuinely caring about what she thinks of him.

“Him and Ruth, I mean, do I sense a spin-off there?” Sikora teases, before acknowledging there’s still seven deadly episodes left in the series. “There’s some love growing in the air. Let’s see if Frank Jr. survives the season first. But I loved it. It was such an honor to be a part of that show, I think it’s one of the great shows on television… Jason Bateman is an amazing director and an amazing actor, and Laura Linney is one of America’s great actors. But let’s get back to Julia Garner, who I have most of my scenes with. She is just dynamic and so much fun to watch; she’s a little firecracker, a little lighting in a bottle, and I just enjoyed every minute of being onscreen with her.”

In the same way, he’s grateful Lisa Emery is nothing like her gun-toting character Darlene.

With a laugh, he adds, “Every part of me is very happy she’s not Darlene in real life.”

On Starz, Ozark returns later this year, while Power Book IV: Force premieres Sunday.

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