Looking for Silver Jewellery Online? Here’s All You Need to Know

by Carter Toni

What kind of jewellery looks great with traditional as well as western outfits? Yes, you guessed it- silver jewellery. It looks beautiful, is easy to style, and comes in many different designs that can be suited for various occasions.

Out of all the silver jewellery, the most versatile piece of jewellery is the silver chain for women. At Mia by Tanishq, you find an assorted collection of unique and minimal designs of silver chains for women.

This chain can be donned with virtually everything, from a casual outfit to any party dress. This is a simple piece that can take your style to the next level instantly while making you look effortlessly pretty.

If you are looking for silver chains for women online, here’s everything you need to know!

Know Which Silver to Buy

The silver jewellery market has many options to choose from like- sterling, silver plate, pure silver, and more. Many jewellers add some other metals like copper to increase the lustre to silver chains for women; this is commonly known as sterling silver and is most widely used for making jewellery. You can identify whether the silver chain for women is made of sterling silver by looking for the hallmark sign.

Silver plating, on the other hand, is simply the top layer of silver that is coated on some other base metal to give the appearance of silver jewellery. A silver chain for women made with silver plating is not as valuable because the amount of precious metal used is relatively less, and the top layer can wear off over time.

Buy From a Trusted Jeweller

There are hundreds of retailers who are selling silver chains for women online today, and you never know who may be selling fake silver chains for women at high prices. To ensure that you are getting the bang for your buck, you must purchase silver from a trusted jeweller.

You can check the reviews about various jewellers to see if the customers have been satisfied with their purchases. Buying from known sellers has another advantage- you can ask about the hallmark sign-on silver chains for women that can help identify the purity of your metal. Many a time, jewellers use different metals in the alloy, which can cause rashes on sensitive skin. So, it would help if you always asked about the composition of the silver chain for women to avoid skin irritation.

Prevent Tarnish

Regardless of the price or quality, tarnish on silver chains for women is fairly common. Avoiding it is not possible, but you can definitely slow the process down. Having appropriate storage for your silver chains for women is the most important step. All your silver jewellery should be safely kept in air-tight containers so that they are not exposed to air.

Even if your silver chain for women becomes tarnished, there is no need to worry as you can easily restore them at home. You can use a cleaning dip or cleaner for silver jewellery with a soft cloth and warm water to remove the tarnish. If your silver jewellery has been tarnished a lot, you can get your silver chains for women professionally cleaned and restored.

Get the Best Silver Chains for Women

Silver chains for women may be simple to find but getting chains with high-quality and elegant designs is like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you are on the lookout for youthful yet sophisticated silver chains, you might want to check out Mia by Tanishq, your one-stop shop for women’s silver jewellery. It has an extensive collection of everything from rings, earrings, lockets, and silver chains for women.

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