Tips on How To Choose Women’s Opal Earrings

by Carter Toni

Making a choice for a woman is a tough deal, you need to have everything on your cards. You have to find the ideal one for the “One and only” after checking the quality, design, back lock, stone setting, and much more. Well, we will help you Buy Opal Earrings Online and you will have a checklist including all the tips on buying the best one. Do not overthink and finalize the amazing one among the options suggested by us as we are dedicated to helping you out and completing the purchase. 

Checklist to Buy Opal Earrings

Buy women’s opal earrings after understanding what it takes to finalize the ideal one for the woman who is talented and ready to showcase herself.

1. Check the Carat Value

Opal earring gold will have separate mentioning of the carat value of Opal and the gold, You are expected to check both and confirm that is as per the price tag of the product. A high carat reflects a higher price for the product. The size of two same carat and different stone types may be drastically different as the carat is as per the weight of the stone. These are technical details that can be confirmed by the authenticity and gemstone certificate that genuine dealers provide. Check the details about the same in the product description section.

2. Choose Stone Cut As Per Face-Cut

For knowing the ideal earring first understand your face type. It is a very normal detail that can be checked by looking at your face in the mirror. Check your forehead and your jawline and confirm which is your face-cut. It can be long, round, oval, and even square in some cases. For the round faces, long earrings are the best ones with the round cut opal or tear-shape opal. For a long face, oval shape opal earrings will look splendid. For short faces, round-shape opal earrings are the best ones. In case you have an oval face, you can wear any type of earring, it will look aesthetic.

3. Finalize Design 

You will feel overwhelmed if you are not aware of your choice and preference. There are endless options for you in opal earrings online. It will completely amaze you and you will be awe-struck. The design is necessary as per your choice, we don’t want you to choose something which is not going to be in your ears for long. The most important thing is to choose as per the occasion. You need to finalize the purpose of your purchase and then finalize your order.

4. Confirm Back Lock

The comfort depends upon the back lock of earring, there are many options for the back lock and one need to make a choice based on their personal comfort. The six type of major back log are flat screw, fish hook, latch back, push back, screw back and level back.

Apart from Fire Opal Earrings, there are also Ethiopian Opal Earrings which are quite in trend these days. Let’s explore those as well:

Suggestive Ethiopian Opal Earrings For Women 

1. Ethiopian Opal and Diamond Evil Eye Hoop Drop Earrings For Women

The design that is a bold one and can look perfect on a long face. The evil eye is a very fresh concept that is trending among the youth, this one can be worn during any event or party. The perfect hoop holds the earring securely. You can freely dance without worrying about your earring just ensure it gets the click sound while you lock it.

2. Ethiopian Opal and Gold Beaded Eternity Stud Earrings for Women

The design which is ideal for every day, you can wear it without a doubt. The very elegant piece of jewel is here to make you look perfect. This one can be gifted to your beloved on her birthday, the design is the best gift for you. Make this piece yours within a few clicks and enjoy the magical powers of Opal.

3. Gold Swirl Stud Earrings for Women Ethiopian Opal and Diamond


The pattern created by the earring is really beautiful. The gold swirls are ideal for short and round faces, it will look perfect on an oval faces as well. If your little girl is chubby enough, you can surely make her wear these magical earrings. It is a unique one that has a centerpiece of Ethiopian Opal in a round cut.

4. Ethiopian Opal Solitaire Stud Earring in Scalloped Bezel Setting

The most amazing earrings are available here and one of the most amazing ones is this one which can be worn on a regular basis. The solitaire looks aesthetic, it looks perfect on every woman which is ready to share a style statement. It is best recommended to the young souls who love simplicity.

The best options are listed above to make your decision easy as these are listed based on the tips, check your compatibility to make the right choice, and finalize the decision to purchase. If you tend to buy for somebody else, the above tips will help you and you can buy the most feasible one with ease. There are many options that can make you happy and completely satisfied with the purchase. It is the easiest way to make the best decision. Online purchase is the most convenient way to buy jewelry as you can get access to on-door delivery, lifetime warranty, extended warranty, and much more facilities. 


Choose the most amazing piece for your lady’s love and enjoy the look she will be carrying while going places along with you. Opal earring gold is beautiful and impressive, get yourself the most aesthetic piece of art in no time. It will help you create a good impact on others and your confidence will be boosted on another level. Opal is a magical stone and you can enhance your life’s present phase by adding the same to your wonderful journey.

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