The ethical considerations of lab-grown diamonds

by Carter Toni

Being America’s 1# ring marketplace for natural and lab grown diamonds, Rare Carat has become a household name. If you have already browsed their easy-to-navigate website, you know how alluring and reasonably priced their man made diamond collection is. Do not second-guess your choice; lab grown diamonds are here to stay and slowly it is becoming a go-to choice for all conscious buyers.   

Not only does lab grown diamonds eliminate the stress on nature caused by the natural diamond extraction process, all lab grown diamonds from Rare Carat are ethically sourced. And, what is so great about owning diamonds that have been ethically sourced? Well, keep on reading as next exactly what a conscious and responsible diamond buyer needs to know when it comes to man made diamond is discussed next to present a clear picture.   

Importance of investing in ethically sourced man made diamond 


Let’s start with Everledger which focuses on recording diamond certification and transaction history. They use IBM blockchain technology for building a well-established digital ledger for this. Rare Carat is currently working with Everledger to ensure each customer receives greater transparency. You will know the origin history of your chosen lab grown loose diamond or engagement ring in full detail.   

Natural diamonds are beautiful and will remain a classic statement piece for years to come. However, not all natural diamonds are ethically sourced. One of the best ways to avoid blood diamonds is by switching to man made diamonds which are created in a lab and have the same properties (chemical, physical, and optical) as a natural diamond. Because they are manufactured in an advanced laboratory using specific high-tech tools and equipment, all lab grown diamonds from Rare Carat are ethical and also environment-friendly.   

On Rare Carat you will be connected directly with wholesalers and jewelers. You can choose from 150+ trusted lab grown and natural diamond direct sources providing universally-accepted certificates providing the ethical considerations of the chosen diamond. All sellers of Rare Carat follow a conflict-free policy.   

You also do not have to compromise on your 4 C’s diamond buying preferences as lab grown diamonds are graded by the 4 C’s diamond guide only as they are similar to natural diamonds. No matter what shape, cut, or carat you are looking for; you will find exactly what you need in Rare Carat’s lab grown diamonds. So, may your favorite be a 3 carat round cut or a 4 carat assher cut diamond, you can find it in lab grown version easily on Rare Carat. The best part – lab grown diamonds in a specific 4 C’s specs will cost at least ⅓ to ¼ lower than a natural diamond in the same specs. For example, 2 carat lab grown diamond price in VS1 clarity, G color and Rare Carat Ideal Cut in cushion shape is around $4000 in Rare Carat whereas a natural diamond with the same specs will be around $19000.   

Reasons to shop for ethically sourced lab grown diamonds from 

If you conduct a short search on Rare Carat, you will see it scored a whopping 4.9 stars out of 5 rating on the reputable and trusted Google Business Profile and Trustpilot. You can expect a smooth and informed loose diamond or diamond engagement ring buying process when you go for Rare Carat known for its excellent and helpful unbiased advice or input from both AI and GIA-certified gemologists.   

Some other worth-mentioning beneficial services or features common for Rare Carat are the following: 

  • All diamonds are certified (ethical and conflict-free status will be highlighted here) 
  • 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Free 30-Day returns 
  • Free 90-Day resizing on purchased ring settings 
  • Laser inscription verification with free insured shipping   

Finding the best deals on ethically sourced man made diamonds on   

Rare Carat has provided many options to ease the process of finding the best deals. They offer an advanced AI Price and Quality check system that effectively helps customers to find the best deals and offers on both natural and lab grown diamonds.   

Even if you are buying diamonds for the first time, you can select the most preferred options as the 4 C’s and other diamond category selection fields come with detailed information that acts as guides on buying diamonds successfully.   

There is also the Rare Carat Deal Vault field. It is a special feature that highlights a custom list made by Rare Carat. The list will only include diamonds that are priced below the current market value.   

To Conclude   

Diamonds are precious and will stay with you for a lifetime. So, it is normal to have the desire to purchase such a diamond that was ethically sourced so that your love for it is not tainted in any way. Hence, the man made diamond has become popular all over the world. Especially the ones available in Rare Carat. When it comes to ethically sourced natural and lab grown diamonds, look no further than Rare Carat. They have made finding your dream diamond a simple, fun, and profitable process. 

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