Foolproof Strategies to Make Money on Instagram

by James

Making money on social media is a trend. Everybody wants to know how they can make money on social media, especially on Instagram. Honestly, we’re all on it in some way or the other. In the past few years, you might be seeing that Instagram’s has been changed for the good. Instagram’s endless feed of fabulous photos has become a glossy magazine, or our best friend’s taste, or a boutique shop, you could say. We all know that Instagram has over a billion monthly users and as per the facts 71% of them are under 35. Instagram is the platform of inspiration, aspiration, and now trend of making money.

How to make money on Instagram

Some of the ways to make money on Instagram are mentioned below:

  • Be an affiliate marketer.
  • Creating and selling a physical or digital product, or offering a paid service.
  • Selling licenses for your photography or videos.
  • Work as an influencer.

It is not new to us that Instagrammers are cashing in on the pictures that they snap and share every day. And, by seeing all this even you may think, “Maybe I can do that too”. Of course you can. Just like bloggers, YouTubers, or anyone on the internet, who can amaze the audience around can make money. Instagram is a platform to discover numerous streams of potential revenue. It’s just one must know how to do it. Well, it’s never too late, you can now cash in on its growing popularity.

Let’s begin!

First thing first: Attract followers! 

Followers are the key to anything on social media. This is the reason most of the brands expect a robust and trustworthy following for maintaining a working company. So, if you’re lacking in towards the followers, below mentioned are some of the ways by which you can increase your amount of followers.

  • Fill the right information in bio: This comprises your contact details, like where are you from? And what do you do? You can add in a few keywords and even a couple of hashtags to become easily findable.
  • Posting the content regularly: To grow numbers, you should be posting several images every day. But, be aware don’t post everything in a go. Just ensure to publish one quality photo every day.
  • Quality content: This will lead you to the next point. The images that you post must be of the best quality with attractive effects.
  • Relevant hashtags: If you are thinking you can go far with quality image, you are wrong. Without appropriate hashtags it is not possible.
  • Engage with followers: You have to engage the followers and cannot expect all interaction to come directly to you. Take some time every single day to engage with your subscribers.

How to earn money with Instagram?

You can make money on Instagram depending on your audience, unique content, and the level of commitment that you have. Below mentioned are some of the tips:

1. Build a solid followership: Having a long list of followers on social media is a reason for successful marketing. It doesn’t matter if your followership was before your marketing efforts or after, one thing which is sure is that you need a significant amount of Instagram followers! The more you are “seen”, greater are your chances are of turning leads to sales. There are various ways by which you can rise your followers on Instagram. Socializing and asking people to follow you, liking photos in your niche, running contests are a few to name. Moreover, posting hashtags can make a lot of difference.

2. Find brands who are searching for influencers: If your audience is growing this means your content is becoming more attractive to brands. And, this is what the brands want and they might reach you. However, you must be selective in picking up the brand in order to stay true with your audience. Yes, finding brands can be a daunting task, but luckily there are several markets for influencers. Below mentioned are few: 

  • Fohr Card: It is a membership-based network for influencers, which connects influencers with different brands who are looking to boost their marketing.
  • Grapevine: Once you get over 5,000 followers, it is a perfect network to use. Grapevine allows to offer excellent sponsorship opportunities.
  • Shoutcart: Another one which we are mentioning here is a marketplace that you can utilize to monetize the Instagram audience which you have. Brands can buy a shoutout and it is as buying an item from an online store.

4. Become an affiliate marketer: Nowadays, affiliate marketing is big business to make money online. Well, the surprise here is people don’t know that by doing this money they can make strategy to use over on Instagram. Affiliate Marketing comprises a task of signing up with a brand or company and then promoting their services or products for them. It is a common thing used by bloggers, who promote affiliate products by discussing them in articles. Also, you can use affiliate links in social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. It is perfectly ideal for Instagrammers who have a large audience to promote and sell products. Be known that there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs and you have to choose the right affiliate marketing programs for you. Find the affiliate programs that are in your niche. Make sure to opt for fashion affiliate programs if you audience is interested in fashion or Go for health and fitness affiliate programs if they are interested in this. Always remember do things that interests your audience. Make sure to choose affiliate programs which sell products which your audience can relate to. 


You can see Instagram offers genuine opportunities to make money online. You can learn from successful Instagrammers. Then, combine what you’ve learned with your own strengths in photography, marketing, storytelling, and photo styling. Grow your audience as much possible.  Create contests, be active by posting and engage them with you. Become an Instagram influencer, or Instagram expert in the freelancing field, there are tons of possibilities for everyone.

Share us your strategy to become successful Instagrammer.

Well, this is not the end of this blog, I will be sharing some other strategies as well. Stay tuned.

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