Most Common Car Crash Injuries and How to Treat Them – Snellville, Georgia

by Carter Toni

“Damage” and “car accident” are two phrases that are most likely to be in the same sentence. In almost all car accidents, your car is the one to be obviously and visibly damaged. However, the people in the car are no short of risk, including the driver and passengers. They can also get severely damaged, depending on the intensity of the accident. These damages we call injuries. Unlike the visible destruction of the car, the injuries to your body might not be visible at first.

Snellville is a small city in the US state of Georgia, where fatal accidents don’t occur that often. However, stats showed that the number of people facing fatal injuries due to traffic collisions is increasing day by day all over the state. There is at least a one-in-five chance of you becoming injured in a car accident, which means you are at unavoidable risk if you are on the road. Even if you are being as careful and attentive as possible, doesn’t mean everyone else is doing the same. Therefore, it is critical for you to know what kind of injuries you can suffer in a car crash.

Below are the most common car wreck injuries in Snellville and some tips on how to recover from that faster.

1. Broken Bones

People break their bones in smaller incidents, like falling from swings, getting badly tackled in sports, or falling from stairs. A full-fledged car accident is worse than that. Basically, your life is at risk. And where all accidents do not result in life-threatening injuries, some do result in broken bones.

The collision is most likely to result in a lot of your body parts getting hit by a car, the road, or any other object involving in the accident. That will put your bones under the stress that they cannot take; thus, they’ll break.

There are a lot of ways how different bones in your body can break, most likely arms, shoulders, legs, and ribs. Your arm might get pinned between the door and your body, or the speed of your seatbelt stopping might break your ribs. Broken bones, although common, are seldom permanent.

Some fractures may require surgery or hardware placement to set the bone back into its place, but that depends on the type of breakage. In normal cases, medicines, plaster, and rest for a month or two can recover you.

2. Burns and Bruises

Burns and bruises are likely to be there in car accidents. Bruises can be caused by literally anything, mostly because of a hard hit. Scrapes and cuts are other things that your body might show after a car accident. If the accident has involved you being dragged on the road – which mostly happens in motorbike crashes – or if there were involvement of broken windshield or windows, it is possible that you contract some cuts, scrapes, scars, and bruises.

On the other hand, burns are contracted when there is a chemical spill or fire in the accident. Burns can be much severe than usual bruises. If the skin is burnt deeply, it might require skin grafting for you to properly get back to your normal physical health.

3. Concussion

A concussion is an abnormality of the brain. It occurs when you hit your head on something during an accident, let it be a car part or the road. A concussion results in mild memory loss or loss of senses. You might not remember things correctly or hallucinate things. In other words, your brain wouldn’t work as well as it did prior to the accident.

A head injury can be a serious one or even fatal, but a concussion can go away with the help of some drugs, rest, and a healthy diet.

4. Whiplash

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries to occur in rear-ended car accidents. Remember when we said that some injuries in a car accident might not be visible at first? Well, whiplash is a prime example of that.

In rear-ended car accidents, when your body instantly gets hit from the back and moves forward, your back gets pushed ahead first and your neck follows. Then you instinctively react to put your body in its natural state, but again, your neck doesn’t get back in position properly, because it was pushed in an improper way. This messes up the torque of your body. The part that connects your spine to your skull is located in your neck, and when the muscles and ligaments surrounding it gets messed up, very bad neck pain occurs, we call it whiplash.

At first, due to the shock, you might not notice the pain of the injury. But after a few hours or maybe a day, you start suffering from immense pain, lack of motion in your neck, stiff neck, and pain in the surrounding area, which are common symptoms of whiplash.

If not treated immediately, whiplash can get worse and develop pain in your back as well, along with messing with your hearing and possibly other senses.

On its own, whiplash isn’t a permanent injury, but if not treated properly, the pain can become chronic. To treat whiplash in the small city of Snellville, we would advise you to skip the hardcore medicines (with side effects) and surgical procedures and choose the best of the Snellville chiropractors for your physical pain. A qualified chiropractor will heal your injury and the pain with it by manipulating your spine back into its place. You can find such a person at Chiropractor Kelowna.

5. Back Pain

Similar to whiplash, back pain might not occur immediately after you’ve experienced a car crash, but after a few hours or in the next morning, you will feel that your back has become stiff and is developing pain. You will that your range of motion has reduced a lot and your back is aching every time you move. This back pain occurs when your body goes through the stress that it is not designed to take.

If your spine gets pressured a lot during a car accident, it is likely that you will develop back pain. Back pain, on its own, doesn’t seem like a big deal. Medicines, rests, exercise, and physical therapy should be enough to treat it. But if it isn’t treated properly or if the treatment is left without consultation with a car accident doctor, then the pain might not eliminate completely. It will just fade away from the surface and will come back once your back is slightly strained in common tasks.

To avoid that, make sure you get proper treatment until the end. And one of the best ways to do that is to get chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor will make sure that your spine is physically in the right and correct position, and the core of your body isn’t messed up, because that’s usually the reason for back pain. Through manipulation of your spine and alignment of your body parts in the proper position, a chiropractor would be able to heal your pain and eliminate it completely.

Some other common (but not very common) injuries that occur due to car accidents are neck injuries, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, and post-traumatic stress disorders, including fears, anxiety, and depression.

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