Atlanta’s Top 6 Favorite Family Destinations for Your Next Trip

by Carter Toni

Atlanta, a state capital, is one of the most beautiful cities in the US state of Georgia. It is rich not only in history but also in beauty and friendliness. The city consists of historical monuments and centers that chronicles the past of the place, while some other recreational places in the city are noted to be the best of their kind.

Parks, theaters, history centers, gardens, museums, picnic spots, and a lot of other worth-visiting places are part of Atlanta’s attractions. And that’s not it; one of the great benefits of visiting Atlanta is that it is surprisingly close to other small vacation towns, allowing you to visit different beautiful places just a 30-minute drive away.

All over Atlanta is the place where you can have intense fun with your friends and family and spend the most memorable time of your life. Apart from fun-filled days and amusing evenings, this resort town also has amazing nightlife, taking you through a wide stretch of glowing bars and party pubs.

Apart from the architectural brilliancy of the city, the natural places in Atlanta are also amazingly beautiful. And everyone should at least visit them once.

If you are on the fence about Atlanta, we will help you make a decision. Below is a list of the top 6 destinations in Atlanta that will definitely become your family’s favorite ones.

1. Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium is the reason why tourists from all over the world visit Atlanta. Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. It has the most number of fishes, over 100,000, and the highest volume of water, over a million cube-feet. The amazing aquarium is home to over 500 species of sea animals in about 60 different habitats.

The awestriking look of the aquarium is displayed with the help of 12,000 square feet of glass windows. One amazing fact that we simply cannot overlook is that Georgia Aquarium is the only aquarium in North America that houses manta rays and whale sharks, the largest fish in the world.

Apart from all that, it is not just an aquarium, it is a proper aquatic science education institution that entertains as well as educates. The aquarium exhibits amazing programs and offers that keep the visitors engaged and adds more to their already amazing experience.

The purpose of the aquarium is to promote the conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the globe. But research and rescue projects aren’t the only things worth learning about in Georgia Aquarium.

2. Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia is a place where you will spend the day having an intense amount of fun with your family and friends. Six Flags Over Georgia is a theme park in Atlanta, Georgia, stretched over 260 acres. It is the second park in the Six Flags parks chain, following the one in Texas that was opened in 1961.

Similar to other Six Flags parks in the US, this park features different amazing themes, including Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, and DC Comics.

Six Flags Over Georgia consists of extremely thrilling rides that are one of a kind. For instance, the ride “acrophobia” is the only drop tower of its kind in the whole United States. It is a 200-foot floorless tower ride that doesn’t only play with your fear of heights while keeping you entertained, but once you are all the way up, you will witness some epic views that you will never forget.

Apart from rides like these, there are multiple activities for kids and adults, including light-mood rides, live shows, restaurants and diners, gift shops, and more.

3. Chattahoochee River Tubing

One of the most memorable fun things to do in Atlanta during summer is river-tubing. Thousands of tourists that visit Atlanta consider river tubing as a must-try activity, especially if you are on your summer vacation. Whether you are with your kids, family, or friends, river tubing is a fun-for-all kind of activity.

There are multiple river locations in Atlanta where you can sign up for river tubing, such as the most famous one in the Chattahoochee River. Atlanta’s famous summer tradition of river tubing will have you drifting down the Chattahoochee River gently in a rubber tube. The river would take you through epic views and beautiful sceneries, while your fun bar increases as you experience the water splashes.

Throughout Atlanta, there are plenty of spots where river tubing is available. All you have to do is just rent a tube and hop on the journey of the fun-filled watery ride. A lot of visitors also opt for kayaking. You can also pack a picnic to have on the riverside after the ride.

4. Fernbank Museum – 3D Forest Theater

Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia is one of its kind. It is a scenic museum that exhibits amazing and wonder-striking programs about natural history, which not only keeps the visitor entertained but also educates them about the topic.

Apart from a large number of permanent exhibitions in the Fernbank Museum, the epic place hosts temporary shows in its expansive, amazing facility. A permanent exhibition in the museum, A Walk Through Time, tells the twofold story of the natural history of Georgia and the growth of the planet. The Fernbank NatureQuest is an award-winning interactive exhibition for children to keep them entertained and educated. In short, there’s something to do and learn for every person in the Fernbank Museum.

Whenever you will visit Fernbank Museum, you will see something epic going on there. And even if you are not interested in any show or exhibition, only the look of the place makes it worth seeing.

On the large display in the atrium of the museum stands a 123-foot long Argentinosaurus, the largest kind of dinosaur ever known, and a Giganotosaurus.

5. Stone Mountain Park

Just a 20-minute drive away from Atlanta lies heaven on earth called Stone Mountain, a small Georgian town. Stone Mountain is a beautiful town named after its leading attraction and getaway, Stone Mountain Park, which has its name because of the giant white literal Stone Mountain standing at the center of the park, which serves as the park’s mainstream attraction.

Surrounded by natural beauty, Stone Mountain is where all the fun takes place. There are multiple activities for kids, teenagers, and adults to involve themselves in and have ultimate fun. Of course, the Stone Mountain is not just a simple mountain, it is a vast monolith that depicts the history of the town. Stone Mountain is etched with the sculpted carving that depicts three historical figures and Civil War generals, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and President Jefferson Davis.

The stone’s peak is reachable through a trail and through a summit Skyride. The Skyride is one of the leading Stone Mountain attractions, allowing you to soar through the air, see absolutely scenic views, and hear the narration about three Civil War heroes as you witness their marvelous sculpture on a giant white rock.

The overall town is also filled with buildings and monuments that go back to rich historical dates. There are parks and picnic spots to hang out at, accompanied by restaurants, diners, and shops to spend your time.

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