Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Video Game by SEGA

by Carter Toni

In preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, SEGA launched the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Video game back in June 2019 for the Japanese market. However, after the games were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it wasn’t released outside of Japan initially. However, the international release did not come until June 22nd, 2021, after confirmation that the Tokyo 2020 (Summer) Olympics would be held from July 23rd to August 8th.

This is a game that you can play by yourself or have 1 to 7 of your friends and family join in on the fun. It is one of those action-packed games that injects a stadium-like thrill to the gameplay as it is modelled and named after the actual Summer Olympics competitions. Sports enthusiasts will particularly have a blast here, as the level of immersion can be likened to virtual sports and esports betting tournaments available on reputable online sportsbooks such as GGBet.

So, what’s the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 video game by SEGA all about? Read on to discover why this is one of the most incredible video game releases from SEGA yet.

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Game Overview

Developer / Publisher: SEGA
Genre: Sports
Release date: Japan – July 24th, 2019

Worldwide – June 22nd, 2021

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Stadia, Xbox One
Available modes: Single Player, Multiplayer (2-8 players)
Games: 18
Languages: 12
Playable country teams: 80
Price: €35 – 40
Minimum System Requirements
Operating system: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 or AMD FX-4350
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450, 1 GB or AMD Radeon HD 5770, 1 GB
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 15 GB space on the drive

The game contains 18 arcade-style sports events that you can play alone in single-player mode or multiplayer mode with up to 7 other players. The 18 events range from 4 x 100m relay, 110m hurdles, boxing, baseball, football, long jump, sport climbing, rugby 7s, and many more.

While it does not exhaust the whole range of all the games played at the Olympics, it’s a fun game, especially when played in multiplayer mode. This is way less than the 31 events that included canoe slalom, skeet shooting, weightlifting, and even vault, in the London 2012 Olympic Games Video Game developed by SEGA Australia. There are 80 countries to select from, which is more than double the number in the 2012 London version, the last time SEGA released an Olympic-themed game. Mind you, the 2012 London instalment is considered one of the best Olympic-inspired video games of all time!


If you are looking for realistic-looking characters, we have to say that you may be a little disappointed. On the other hand, the stadiums are a true representation of real-life sports arenas, and you will enjoy the effort put in. The upside is that you get to compete against characters that have been fashioned after real-world athletes to experience the riveting competitiveness of the zombies ate my neighbors cheats.

Let your imagination run wild with the elaborate avatar creation system that lets you design your ideal sportsperson for any of the games you would like to play. Each time you play and emerge at the top, you earn points that you can redeem in exchange for character upgrades, i.e., costumes and cosmetics. These range from regular sportswear to pirates to astronauts. You can even share your avatar creation code with friends so that you can team up and have a total blast on the tracks and fields. You can track your performance on the games in the menus to see how you’re doing compared to the rest of the players. Stats are recorded, and they will contribute to your country’s score.

Chase the Gold Medal!

Sports video game franchises have taken over the world for decades, and they continue to wow gamers from all over the world. With the popularity of sports video games growing faster than ever, this is an industry where fans are always waiting for the next release. Developers, in turn, end up generating hundreds of millions of dollars from their productions.

With its Olympics-themed video games, SEGA has not been left behind, and we cannot recommend this enough. As with any other video game, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and there has been an outcry about the pricing, with gamers complaining that it’s overpriced.

From our observation, some of the games like tennis are hands down the best you will get anywhere. You can train with the practice mode and invite your friends over to catch up as you battle it out on the controls. Given that this is the 7th instalment of SEGA’s Olympic-themed series, if you played previous video games in the lineup, you’ll definitely be blown away by this one!

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