Relieve Stress With These Stress Toys

by James Martin

In today’s times, stress is one thing that’s a consistent reality for many of us. Given the nature of work, the urgings of personal life with the added outlier event like the pandemic, stress levels of people soared up across the globe. 

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Now, one must remember that normal stress is good as it pushes us to achieve our goals. However, stress becomes problematic when it becomes chronic in nature. 

Stress experienced over a long period of time turns chronic and can have devastating effects. 

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That’s why calming down and relieving stress is very important for our physical and mental well-being. Some of the ways in which one can reduce stress include regular exercise, meditation, journaling, etc. 

In addition to these, you also have some of the tools available that help you to relieve stress. 

1. Fidgets

 Fidgets or fidget toys are a great way to reduce stress. Fidgeting with them helps you divert your attention and focus on the task at hand. Some of them are specifically very useful for kids and adults with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and autism. 


These help you to calm down, relieve stress and anxiety, and get rid of bad habits like hair-pulling, nail-biting, leg-shaking, etc. 


Some of the commonly used fidgets include: 

  • Bike Chains

These are fidget toys that also act as bicycle chains for both kids and adults. These have metal alloy rings, chain link parts, and silicone O-rings that make it an ideal fidget for relieving stress, anxiety and improving attention levels. 


Therefore, they are very helpful to kids with ADHD, ADD, and autism.  

  • Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners make for another stress relief tool as they help to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression as people play with them. 


All one needs to do is simply prompt the fidget toy to help it start spinning. Further, one can also use the fidget spinner if he/she wants to stay awake to complete a task or increase his/her focus. 

  • Tangle Toys

These are tangle-shaped fidgets that not only improve the motor skills of your children. However, fidgeting with them can also help in relaxing the mind and reducing stress and anxiety. 


Further, these fidgets have uneven surfaces and bumps, touching which while playing gives fidgeters relaxation. 

  • Fidget Pads

These are fidgets that have a host of functions. For instance, it can act as a fidget switch, spinner fidget joystick, etc. which helps you to calm down. 


Further, with their portable design, it makes them super easy to be carried along to offices, therapy sessions, schools, etc. 


2. Stress Balls

Further, with their portable design, it makes them super easy to be carried along to offices, therapy sessions, vacation, etc. There is evidence that stress balls help in relieving anxiety and stress, improve concentration levels, and overall health. 


Stress results in tensed muscles and the creation of energy that must be released. Thus, the squeeze and release motion of the stress balls helps in releasing energy and inducing relaxation. Squeezing stress balls also help with relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis pain, and enhances hand and muscle strength. 

3. Dammit Dolls

The Dammit dolls are handmade dolls made out of polyester poplin fabric on the outside and are stuffed with polyester fiber inside. These are squeezed and banged to relieve stress. 


So whichever stress, simply take these fabric dolls and smash them to vent out all your frustration and feel relaxed. These come in different designs and help with stress relief.  

4. Magnetic Desk Toys

Magnetic desk toys produce visual illusions and help you improve focus and relieve stress. For instance, Mezmoglobe is a kinetic spinning desk toy taht is created using aerospace-grade aluminum. This makes the ball spin effortlessly on ball bearings and creates a 3D optical illusion with a consistent flow. 


The visual illusion thus produced helps you to let go of stress, improve creativity, and improve attention levels.  

5. Chewy Toys

  • Chewable Eraser Tops

These erasers fit as pencil and pen tops and come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. As the name suggested, these are chewable so that you can plunge your teeth into them unconsciously and feel relaxed. 


It’s always better to have these pen/pencil tops than chewing away your pencil ends. 

  • Rubber Necklace

The same is the case with a rubber necklace. These are chewable necklaces 

that help you to relieve stress and anxiety as you chew on them. Not only this, this saves you from breaking your teeth or taking in harmful metal if you have a regular habit of chewing on your typical necklaces. 

6. Sculpting Toys

  • Play-Doh and Putty

Play-Doh helps you reduce stress and anxiety the same way as a stress ball. Paly-Doh is nothing but clay that comes in beautiful colors that helps both children and adults knead beautiful creations and at the same time enhance mood, relieve anxiety, and improve attention levels.  


Putty is also a dough that comes in a variety of colors. The best is you can fidget with putty with one handwork with the other.  Squeezing, kneading, and softening the putty helps you let go of stress and feel relaxed.  


7. Puzzle Toys 

  • Infinity Cubes

Infinity cubes are made of a number of intertwined pieces that come together to form a cube. All you have to do is twist and move these pieces so as to create various shapes and structures. 


This whole act of moving the pieces to come up with different shapes helps you distract your mind and over stress and anxiety. 

  • Rubik’s Cube

All of us are familiar with this stress reliever. Yes, a Rubik’s Cube is a fidget toy that is made of different-colored cubes on four sides. The idea is to arrange small cubes in such a way that you have a single-solid color on all sides of the large cube. 


Thus, as you twist and turn the larger cube to come up with such an arrangement, you are able to divert your attention and calm your mind down. 


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