Seven Fortnite Outpost Seven Fortnite Outpost Location!

by Glenn Maxwell

Are you currently keen on the survival-based game Fortnite? Are you currently choosing the latest locations for outposts in Fortnite’s latest Chapter 3 Season 1. If that’s the case, remain on the content.

Epic Games has released newer and more effective outposts found in the growing season 1 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite. Seven outposts happen to be added hanging around and gamers from around the globe, especially in the U . s . States and also the Uk, are wanting to learn more. In the following paragraphs we’ll discuss the seven Fortnite Outposts..

What’s these Seven Outposts?

Within Fortnite: Fight Royale, the Seven Outposts are several seven scattered locations. The brand new season 1 chapter 3 Chapter 3 includes the seven landmarks.

Seven outposts could be situated in the same way such as the Seven Expedition Outposts of Season 7 which were situated across one another around the Athena island and were removed together with the rest of the Athena island throughout the Season X Finish event.

Two cottages are for sale to players to understand more about much like Sanctuary’s style inside the Seven Outpost. There’s two Seven Sentries keep close track of both huts. Sentries are henchmen who take part in the game.

Every seven Fortnite Outpost could be based on three Rifts and also the game mechanics which were introduced in season 4.

Players will find a vault inside the large huts. It hosts three Supply Chests of Seven which you can use to get various guns as well as an Porta-Potty the game auto technician for hiding that teleports players after they have joined.

At the moment presently, at the moment, Seven Outpost is presently unavailable within Solos Fortnite Fight Royale game mode. The rule of thumb takes between 2 and 4 players to unlock, which completely relies upon your playlist.

However, you will get around these situations through getting an rooster along or trying to knock lower Seven Sentry.

Seven Fortnite Outpost Location

Seven outposts spread, so we’ve provided information on the actual place for everybody to the readers in the list below:

Seven Outposts I This primary publish is found on the southwest from the location known as Greasy Grove Greasy Grove, that exist around the southwest corner from the Fight Royal Map.

7 Outpost II Second outpost located in the northwest region of Logjam Lumberyard, northwest of Artemis island.

seven Outpost IIIThe third is situated in the northeast region area of the Daily Bugle, which is found in the crater from the volcano.

Seven Outpost IVThe 4th from seven outposts. Seven Fortnite Outpost is situated south from the Condo Gorge, the spiritual successor towards the great Paradise palms.

Seven Outpost V Fifth Outpost located in the northeast from Camp Cuddle, which is situated in the ultimate east.

Seven Outpost VIThe sixth is situated in the lake’s south from the mine with many different homes there, referred to as Shifty Shafts. Shifty Shafts.

Seven Outpost VIISeventh and also the last outpost on the southern side from the island, near to the coast towards the East of Artemis.


There are a number of weapons and unpredicted products during these seven outposts. Hopefully our guide continues to be helpful towards the players.

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