Shivani Narayanan fights with Gabriella in support of Balaji on Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 11th November 2020 episode!

by Glenn Maxwell

Shivani, who had been a silent observer until yesterday around the Bigg Boss show, is raging the very first time which too for Balaji, the battle with Gabriella is within today’s new promo video of Bigg Boss Tamil.

The brand new Grandmother Task has place the relationship between Bigg Boss housemates in jepordy. Gabriella continues to be asking Balaji concerning the stolen bond, that Balaji is with patience replying. Shivani then interrupted to aid Balaji, it has irked Gabriella who questions Shivani about raising her voice and temper. Shivani is shocked being unsure of what to reply to Gabriella’s allegations.

This fight may be the highlight of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 eleventh November episode. As always Ramesh shuts his ear in annoyance and Rio jokes ‘Welcome to Big Boss’. It’s significant that Shivani and Gabriella were close buddies plus they both of them are romantically associated with Balaji Murugadoss inside Bigg Boss house.

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