The Importance of FIGS Languages for Game Localization!

by Glenn Maxwell

What involves the mind whenever you consider the FIGS, fruits, or vegetables? When we consider the dictionary to discover its meaning, it describes a tree that reaps fruit. You’ll be amazed to understand that in the realm of translation and localization, its meaning is entirely different. It describes four important languages around the globe which are French, Italian, German, and Spanish. FIGS is definitely an abbreviation of those four languages. Regardless if you are a game title or software developer, you’ll be able to achieve a worldwide audience, by trying to talk with them within their native language. Here you have to take the help of gaming translation service and software translation service.

FIGS Languages for Game Localization

Suppose you’ve created a game and wish to release it on the market. Before releasing your game, you should check that language to choose if you translate and localize your games within the languages that are in great demand will earn a higher profit a lot sooner. Let’s dive in to these important languages.


Exactly why is French an essential language for game translation and localization? It is because 68% from the French people play game titles regularly. You’ll be surprised to understand there were 35 million French people who performed games in 2020 and contributed revenue of $4.4 billion. Thus, making France the seventh largest gaming industry on the planet. Are you aware that in France, 57% of folks that play games are men, and also the remaining 53% of gamers are female?

French individuals are very keen on watching games. 42% search on the internet games on twitch and YouTube. Much like other Countries in europe, PC may be the podium for French gamers, however ? play mix-platform games. French people also enjoy playing casual games and puzzles. They play such games when they’re designed to watch for something. Like a game maker, you have to choose French translation service to focus on an astonishing French audience.


35 billion people performed games in Italia in 2020 and contributed revenue of $3 billion. Another important factor concerning the Italian marketplace is that game developers go for game development for that Italian market because many high-quality local-based game publishing information mill employed in Italia, for example 505 games. As reported by the report by EF, an italian man , individuals are bad at British, to focus on the whopping 35 million people, you have to choose Italian translation service. One-third from the Italian population that loved to experience games come from age bracket of 25-34 years of age. Furthermore, 65% of gamers enjoy spending cash on in-game products. Furthermore, 30% of gamers compensated for DLC/expansions packs. The main one important factor to notice about Italian gamers is they prefer doing offers on PC instead of on mobile. Sporting activities like FIFA and shooters would be the favorite games of Italian people.


German is among the dominant languages of Europe. Even though the British proficiency of German people is nice, they like to experience games if they’re converted in to the German language. Based on the Newzoo and G.A.M.E association, Germany is among the largest gaming markets in Europe having a whopping 45 million gamers that gave them an income of $6.6 billion.

The German game developers watch gaming videos tips and methods on twitch and YouTube. You’ll be amazed to understand that Spanish people love playing games on mobile instead of on PC. It is because they will use an essential platform on mobiles known as The conference of Gamescom is generally locked in Perfume each year and roughly 400k gamers and developers attend it acutely.

The interesting factor about Germany is that this, it is the best country for bootstrappers, So game developers think it is better to start their business. Isn’t it time to translate and localize your games for that German market, then go for German translation service?


Based on Newzoo, the Spanish gaming marketplace is the tenth-largest gaming market on the planet. Roughly, 27 million gamers which are over fifty percent the populace of The country enjoy playing games. The country includes a football culture so sporting activities are extremely well-liked by gamers. French people love playing games on mobile.

So far as PC consoles are worried, they’ve acquired recognition due to Nintendo but because of playStation4 and Xbox, individuals have began preferring mobile games. Would you like to concentrate on the Spanish gaming market? Then what exactly are you awaiting, take the help of Spanish translation service?

FIGS languages are important for that growth and success from the gaming industry, so game developers and publishers give importance for them. But don’t enter into confusion these languages are sufficient for the whole gaming market. If you would like your games to become performed globally, then you definitely must consider other languages too for game translation and localization.


People have a tendency to buy services and products which are within their native language. Similarly, individuals will download the games if they’re converted to their native language. Whether you need to concentrate on the French market or even the Italian market, you have to take the help of gaming translation service from the professional translation company.

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