The Most Followed Instagram Personalities Today

by Carter Toni

Social media is the perfect way to keep up with our favourite media personalities. No matter if they are musicians or actors, politicians or scientists, reality stars or even athletes, social media is the most convenient for them to keep in touch with their fans. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, filled with the most famous faces in the world today. Even among them, though, these personalities stand out through the sheer number of their fans.


Performing great while in competition, performing great on social media: some sports personalities have a massive following on Instagram. The most popular of them is Cristiano Ronaldo, familiar even for those not following live Premier League games – the 36-year-old Portuguese football star is the single most-followed person on Insta today, with around 356 million fans.

In the second place, we find another football star, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi with 275 million fans. Lower in the top list, there’s Brazilian footballer Neymar (163m), cricketer Virat Kohli (160m), and basketball player LeBron James (100m).


Actors are adored by many, sometimes for the roles, they play on the silver screen. Instagram and other social networks give us a chance to see what they are up to in real life. This is an opportunity that not many people want to miss.

By far the most popular actor on Insta is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – the actor and professional wrestler has 274 million followers on the network. Next in line is Kevin Hart (126m), followed by Demi Lovato (117m), Vin Diesel (75.1m) and Justin Timberlake (62m).


Social media was the go-to channel for musicians to keep in touch with their audiences while live events were out of the question. Not that their Insta following was low beforehand – singers, musicians and performers were always among the most popular personalities to follow on the platform.

Today, four of the top 10 profiles on Instagram belong to musicians: singers Ariana Grande (271m), Selena Gomez (268m), Beyoncé (213m), and Justin Bieber (200m). The fifth place among the most-followed musicians on Insta is occupied by singer Taylor Swift (182m).


Social media is not only for people – but brands also use it to keep in touch with their customers. Among them, there are quite a few that have a massive following on Instagram.

Top among them is National Geographic, a media brand that covers biology, history, geography, and science – the brand has 188 million followers on Instagram. Next in line is sportswear brand Nike (177m), football clubs Real Madrid CF (104m), and FC Barcelona (101m), and NASA (70.5m).

We deliberately skipped the UEFA Champions League because it’s not so much a brand but a competition, and it would deserve a category on its own – alas, there are not enough similar accounts among the top 50 most-followed Instagram accounts for a top list.

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