These casino classics are being tastefully reimagined for the 2020s

by Glenn Maxwell

Don’t mess with the classics – it’s a good piece of advice, whether we are talking about music, literature movies – or even games. Casinos are places filled with history, tradition and superstition and games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat have been around for hundreds of years.  

 Yet that has to be balanced against the fact that new players are trying out casino gaming all the time. Partly that’s down to changing attitudes and more relaxed rules, especially in the USA, and partly it’s the easier accessibility thanks to online platforms bringing Las Vegas or Atlantic City to your living room.  

 Here, we look at some new versions of casino classics that are worth your attention.  

 Blackjack switch 

 More players play blackjack online for real money USA than any other game, and the classic original version is still the most popular. In 2009, Geoff Hall invented and patented blackjack switch. The player is dealt two hands and has the option to switch the top two cards between the two hands. Like classic blackjack, there is some nuanced strategy involved, and sometimes the optimum switch decision seems counter intuitive.  

 Casino holdem 

 Originally designed in 2001 as a training tool for Texas holdem, Casino holdem has become one of the most popular live casino games to play online. Players enjoy the relative safety of playing against the dealer as opposed to other players, but the game has more complexity than, say 3-card poker or video poker, as there are two stages to the dealing and there are community cards to take into account. Try it once and you’re guaranteed to be hooked!  

 Lightning roulette 

 According to popular casino lore, the roulette wheel was invented by mathematician Blaise Pascal way back in the 1700s. Aside from a few refinements over the subsequent century, it has changed little in that time. Casual casino players who just want to enjoy themselves and try their luck tend to gravitate to the roulette wheel, as there is no skill or strategy involved. Lightning roulette is a popular online game that adds lightning strikes on one to five pockets with each spin of the wheel. These deliver a multiplier that can be as high as 500x, meaning there’s suddenly the outside chance of winning very big at the roulette wheel.  

 Peek baccarat 

 Baccarat has enjoyed a revival in popularity over the past 10 years, having fallen right out of fashion in the late 20th century. It’s a game that naturally lends itself to adaptations, and you’ll see various simplified single-card versions around in the live gaming sections of online casinos. These include Dragon Tiger and Football Studio. With peek baccarat, however, there’s an extra dimension added to gameplay. You get the choice of spending 20 percent of your wager on a peek at one of the four cards, after which you can double or even treble your bid. This version of the game is perfect for those who find conventional punto banco baccarat a little one-dimensional.  

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