Top 4 Small but Fast Cars

by Carter Toni

Looking for new experiences and want to get thrilled? Then you can visit an amusement park, play slots, or try parachuting. However, all these activities don’t constantly depend on your own behavior. Riding a roller coaster, you already know where you go because you’ve already seen who it looks. Playing at, you cannot affect results because everything operates according to an RNG algorithm. But it’s different when you drive a car. With these 4 fast cars you choose yourself where you go on a journey, and no one can affect you.

Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG

The A35 AMG 4matic is the most affordable model of Mercedes’ court tuning studio. The CLA 35 AMG 4matic is technically the same, only in the sedan body.

What’s good about the A35 AMG 4matic:

  • The 4matic system: an electromechanical clutch that can distribute up to 50% of the torque to the rear axle.
  • Stiffer body: diagonal struts and aluminum panel under the engine.
  • Special aluminum arms, stiffer springs and shock absorbers. Such arms reduce unsprung masses, which is good for handling. Non-standard front knuckles, radial mounting of calipers. The pads are pressed more evenly with this design, the brakes become more effective.
  • AMG sports seats.
  • The exhaust is sporty and quite loud. If necessary, you can press a button and make it quiet: for example, if the owner is driving through the city at night in summer and does not want to wake up people who are sleeping with the windows open.

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

The A45 AMG S is one of the fastest hot hatchbacks.

The primary benefits of the A45 AMG 4matic:

  • The M260 is the same series as the A35, but with 387 hp in the simple version and 421 hp in the S version. The most powerful 2-liter engine in the world. It is assembled by hand according to the classical for AMG scheme “one man – one engine”, there is a plate with the autograph of the mechanic. The A35 engine has no such plate.
  • AMG Speedshift DCT 8G Robot: 8 speeds, wet clutches.
  • All-wheel drive transmission AMG Performance 4matic+. Instead of a common clutch there are multi-disc friction clutches, one for each wheel.
  • The body is even stiffer: a stretch under the hood between the strut supports and reinforcement under the front fenders. This is in addition to what is available in the AMG A 35 4matic.
  • The A45 S version has six-piston monobloc calipers, 360 mm brake discs for the front axle and 330 mm with a single-piston caliper for the rear. The A45 version has the same brakes as the A35.
  • Bucket seats with yellow accents – no color can be selected – and electrically operated. Steering wheel with additional buttons to control settings: engine mode, transmission, suspension, etc.
  • The exhaust is louder and angrier than that of the A35. Also switchable with a button from the cabin, two modes: “loud” and “silent”.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

It was thanks to this model that the concept of “hot hatchback” appeared in 1976.

What’s good about the Golf GTI:

  • The gearbox is a DQ381 robot: seven gears and wet clutches. The mechanical differential lock comes in handy when cornering.
  • The brakes are big, but there is only one piston. The diameter of the front discs is 340 mm, the rear discs are 300 mm. That’s enough if you don’t tune the engine.
  • TopSport seats with integrated headrests. The upholstery can be fabric in GTI’s signature colors or leather. If you pay extra, the driver’s seat is ventilated.
  • A small joystick instead of the gearshift. There are almost no physical buttons in the cabin, they were replaced by touch buttons. This is not to everyone’s liking: sometimes they don’t work clearly.

Mini John Cooper Works Hatchback 3dr

The three-door hatchback is a rather old model of Mini: it has been produced since 2014. But the car is still worthy of attention. Last year the model was restyled: the exterior was significantly changed and the multimedia was improved.

What is good about the Mini John Cooper Works Hatchback:

  • The front brakes are four-piston, 335 mm discs. These brakes are enough for the car even for trips to the racetrack.
  • The suspension is quite stiff and the exhaust is quite loud. It gives a lot of emotion to the driver and the feeling of a real sports car.

There are versions with manual transmission, and you can buy them.

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