Top 5 Best Architecture Tours in Paris as a date night idea

by Carter Toni

When you think of the world’s most romantic cities, Paris will frequently top that list. It would be a perfect location for a weekend break – even better with a travel companion. This is where online dating comes into play. Since the introduction of this digital dating platforms meeting a partner online has replaced meeting through friends or in any other social setting. Since many platforms have members from all over the world, you could easily meet french women in online environment. A typical dating platform will introduce you to a cross-section of singles who would love to explore architectural landmarks of Paris with you. As the chemistry develops, drop hints about seeking a charming guide, then plan architecture tours.

City of Lights

Sprawling over 105 square kilometers, Paris is a bustling metropolis that has been welcoming lovestruck visitors for decades. By day, it offers a feast of architectural and historic delights for tourists and lovers, but when the sun sets and a galaxy of streetlights shine, the city becomes a breathtaking backdrop. Departing from 11 Rue Amber in the heart of Montmartre, famous for the Sacre-Coeur, and numerous nightclubs, your tour bus offers a 9 pm excursion. Catering to a maximum of 55 travelers, find a cozy double-seat, snuggle closely, then gaze at the floodlit majesty of this wonderful city from an open-top double-decker. Highlights include the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the River Seine.

Champagne River Tour

Winding through the city, and meandering beneath 37 bridges, the River Seine is synonymous with Paris. Book an unforgettable journey on a cruise ship for you and your significant other, with chilled glasses of champagne to hand. The river views offer a whole new perspective of the city as you glide by the city’s familiar landmarks. Your trip might coincide with the Eiffel Tower’s dazzling light show, when the structure is bathed in golden lights, and sparkles like a giant firework for five minutes every hour, on the hour, from sunset until 1 am.

Paris by night, by foot!

If you fancy the idea of a departure from the traditional coach tours or riverboat cruises, what better way to experiences everything this fine city has to offer than something far more up close and personal? Try a  three-hour walking tour, in the capable hands of an expert guide, who will give you an unprecedented view of this city – from street level. Marvel in the wonderful Parisian architecture as you’ve never noticed these beautiful buildings before, as the guide talks you through their diverse histories, and explains about their different facets. As you stroll by the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Garnier, and the Place de la Concorde, walking by scented floral displays hanging from baskets along the thoroughfare, you’ll be able to smell the romance in the air.

Sightseeing – with music

What could be more romantic than enjoying a tour of this fabulous city’s vistas with your loved one? Doing so against a musical background. As the vibe drifts towards dusk, you’ll be welcomed aboard a sightseeing vessel with a glass of bubbly. Following this refreshing taster, you can taste delicacies from the three-course a la carte meal, washed down with wine, as live music plays. After you’ve partaken of a few inhibition-dissolving glasses of rich French vin rouge, you might well feel in the mood to sweep your partner off their feet for some cheek-to-cheek dancing.

Ghost tour

If you’re seeking an alternative to tours emphasizing the city’s delightful buildings, book two seats on the Mona Lisa’s murder exploration. Lasting up to one and a half hours, this follows the theme of a traditional, murder mystery outing, and is reasonably priced. As you follow the clues, the Parisian architecture forms the perfect setting for this enjoyable app-based game.

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