Do You See any Success in the Future of Content Marketing?

by Manisha Rao

Gone are the days when traditional marketing was used to be effective. Now as a forward-thinking marketer, it is time to enter content marketing. Content marketing can be defined as a strategic approach, which is focused towards developing and sharing relevant, valuable, and consistent content in order to attract and retain audience. The ultimate aim of content marketing is to drive profitable customer action. The content is called as king. And, there is no doubt in it because, instead of pitching products or services, organizations are providing truly relevant and useful content to customers.

Future of Content Marketing

The view on Content marketing…

Most of the people, according to the stats, think that an average piece of content which ranks on Google contains 1,890 words. But, here is the thing, writing in-depth content that is 1,890 words doesn’t get you more search traffic. It just means that the average web page on page 1 contains that many words. In this case, you may be thinking that you are writing enough content but, for some reason, you aren’t getting the amount of search traffic. It happens and we understand what you are going through. The solution to this is writing effective content not too much of it. The quality is important than the quantity even in writing.

Some of the predictions for Content Marketing:

  • It will become more important.
  • The creation and distribution will change radically.

Only authentic, useful, and perfectly suited content will be demanded by the internet generation. The message regarding content marketing is crystal clear: Develop creative content which is centered on your client’s queries and they’ll come in leaps and in bounds towards you. However, this is only some part. We should keep a track of what content marketing trends should we watch out for? How to change the marketing strategy to keep pace with these changes?

Defining the Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a fast paced thing in today’s world and it’s changing rapidly. Well, its future cannot be defined without the past. The content that was created yesterday is the foundation of today’s and tomorrow’s.  According to a research, people tend to be more inclined in interactivity. Infographics is still among widely used methods in the industry. Infographics have the ability to engage audiences quickly and it remains one of the most preferred ways to create content.

Well, with the new technology is on the rise, we have to move forward. Now, 360° video cameras are costing way less than a smartphone, VR is increasing every year, AR becoming accessible, so is the landscape content marketing is evolving.

The Future of Content Marketing

Let’s have a look at what is stored in the future of for content marketing in the years ahead. Few facts may be scary, but one thing is sure that content is definitely here to stay.

1. People are watching more and reading less: If we believe the reports, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets and 60 percent use video in their social media marketing. This increased demand of the visual content is directly related to shifting of consumer habits. This is true that any customer would like to watch a video about a product than read about it. So, in the coming years, video content will continue to dominate. Video will be the medium from which 80% of all global internet traffic will come. Video grabs and keeps the consumer attention and not only this, it captivates audiences with powerful, thought-provoking messages.

2. Voice search will be a thing: Aren’t you familiar with Alexa? Of course, who isn’t? A new way of searching is becoming famous among the people, which is searching through voice. Yes, you may not be using it now, but it is definitely becoming the most popular among younger people. The future generations will be using voice for all kinds of needs. You won’t believe younger generation is using it to get answers for their queries related to studies. Voice search devices are easy to use and are quite responsive. They’re comfortable with acknowledging speech, without heavy enunciation. You may be thinking what can happen to the content creators? The first real problem they are going to face is that they really need to tailor their content. They have to write in such a manner that it meet the request of voice search.

3. Question optimization: Writers were forced to build content around keyword. They were asked to set phrases that needed to include in a copy a certain number of times. Well, there was a huge gap between content creation and optimization. This was not only killing the creativity, but the approach had another big issue of keywords de-humanize writing. Google has now introduced the algorithms, which are quickly putting an end to this outdated optimization tactic, so it is no longer focused on keyword strings. Google has now the ability to evaluate each query’s context and intent. This has brought another great marketing trend: Question optimization. Why?

  • Questions are closer to natural language than keywords
  • Google understands and features questions
  • Questions are easier to relate to

How to survive?

Not everyone can adapt to the changes which content marketing has stored in its future.  Only the fittest is going to survive in content marketing. And, it’s essential, natural and inevitable. For the future, it’s now the time to put the performance high for the content marketing. This will be the only way to demand web optimization, account-based marketing lead generation, and client management initiatives. Making strategies. Before you start something know what you’re doing. Any modern approach would need sales and marketing techniques alignment, commercial KPIs, and data analysis. Don’t get it wrong else you won’t be able to meet the targets.


There is a constant evolution in content. We have to cope up with the changing trends that content marketing is demanding. By all this, one thing is sure that content marketing’s future is safe and sound. It’s just, content is now demanding new thinking, skills and disciplines.

What are your views on changing content marketing strategies?

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