Training Applications Development

by Carter Toni

We offer top-notch training applications to our clients. These applications are extremely useful in creating a strong foundation in the employees to perform better in the live scenario. We are well aware of the fact that businesses build their process around customized, complex software applications that can provide them with the best results. Such applications include;

  • ERP systems.
  • CRM applications.
  • Database, analytics and forecasting software.

These software applications help managers and executives to get the best picture of their current business environment. We create impeccable software applications with a disclaimer that these applications are only as accurate as the data entered into them. We perform our job in the best possible way, so as to eliminate the room for error. Contact us to get a detailed information about training applications.

Benefits of Custom software training

Running a company is not a cakewalk. Sometimes, heavy investments have to be made in order to keep the workflow smooth. Companies spend thousands of bucks on the software training, when they can easily get it for a whole lot cheaper. We at OutFalak Biz  offers a host of custom software training without charging hefty amounts that are charged by other companies. Sometimes, scenarios are a bit different as well. A company sometimes just wanted to train a single person about the use of an off-the-shelf CRM application, so in that case, a custom software training won’t be the right choice. It is only right when the company makes wise decisions with useful information added into off-the-shelf custom software applications. Doing that in the custom software training will improve the data quality, boost productivity and strengthen employee satisfaction as well.

We help companies determine their training needs

Undergoing a training procedure without having a defined purpose. We help our clients in determining the rightful purpose of undergoing the software training, so that they get the desired output from it. We help them do a ‘training needs analysis’ that is focussed towards the fact that how people currently use a specific software. Here are the steps involved in the training needs analysis.

  • Analyzing the situation.
  • Evaluating training place.
  • Identifying gaps.
  • Assessing options.
  • Choosing solutions.

These points systematically help a company to analyze the purpose for undergoing the training and what possible outputs can they achieve through it. With a proper analysis and evaluation, it becomes easier for the employer as well as the employees to understand the importance of getting a specific training. These trainings will bring in a huge change in the staff who undergo it and their performances will also get improved.

We also help companies when they are in the process of introducing a new off-the-shelf application through which they want to attain the confidence of the people using the software application. We know our job and therefore, companies should not worry when they hire us because we are going to assist them in each and every step. We again want to emphasize on the training needs analysis, as it serves as the foundation for the instructional design and the change management.

Change management is the process of adopting new business practices, according to the marketplace. There could be a number of reasons for the change such as:

  • Growth or restructuring of the business
  • Deployment of IT applications
  • Changes in the customers’ needs
  • Adoption of best practices.

We neither leave nor suggest to leave the process of change to chances. The impact of the change will be felt in all parts of the organization and most importantly, on the staff. Change brings with new challenges for the staff, as they now have to move beyond what they already know, which is quite difficult to do.

Our software training can help you achieve all the goals that are mentioned below:

  • Launching a new enterprise-level application
  • Making new users aware about how to use a specific application within your business process
  • Finding and imparting the specific skills for improvement
  • Introducing new processes to an existing application
  • Encouraging people to use functions that are available but haven’t been used so often.

We will strictly follow your requirement and budget, so there is nothing to worry. Simply give us a call and get details about the software training program.

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