Unique Breast Milk jewellery for Preserving Memories

by Carter Toni

Rings, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery hold so much sentimental value for women that when mixed in with the cherished bodily fluid, it becomes a personal memory. This week-long blog looks at different picks of innovative designs to preserve your memories and make beautiful accessories that have even greater significance. Breastfeeding might not be in fashion anymore, but sometimes it’s hard to let go of the precious words that were said during that time between you and your baby. Join scientists, beekeepers and artists to discover how you can preserve those memories with unique pieces of jewellery set in breast milk.

What is breast milk jewellery?

Most women think they will want to collect rare, unique or specialty breast milk from their babies. The best way to preserve the precious memory is through breast milk jewellery. They come in many shapes, materials, and designs and vary from sentimental to medical, but the bottom line is that all of them keep the generational bond between mama and baby alive. It’s important to keep DNA samples of your child. This is why many parents save a lock of their children’s hair, blood, or breast milk with a gift of jewellery. A better way to preserve memories is with a breast milk jewellery bracelet. These personalized charm bracelets can be made with the child’s garments and locks of hair used in the manufacturing process. The recipient can pass on that memory for years to come as well as use it as a focusing tool in order to develop memories that are special memories for mother and daughter.

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Breast Milk Jewellery for Memory Box

It seemed like a new idea but one with potential when I pictured a box filled with mementos of childhood that was stored in an attic. The dream of the mommy blog website evolved into inspiring others to create their own “memory boxes” to store baby belongings or memories from childhood’s summertime. Preparation wasn’t easy but the result was so rewarding. Your mother’s love is so special, you would want to preserve the memories of her precious scent and the pure love she shared with you. Only mother’s milk can provide babies with food that deeply understands your needs. And now, thanks to a Detroit-based jewellery company, their treasures are able to enjoy these memories in their own way- by preserving them within exquisite trinkets.

When should you think about using your breast milk jewellery after your baby’s birth?

Milk jewellery can be a wonderful creation to commemorate the precious memory of your baby’s birth. Milk jewellery is not just for preserving milk though – they are also great ways to create reminders of your new child or family member. Some unique pieces that breast milk jewellery can come in include rings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Moms can use their breast milk jewellery to keep their baby close by, throughout the day and well into the future. The jewellery is meant to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, so a mom doesn’t need to worry about how her newborn will wear it! Unique breast milk jewellery comes in many variations including rings, necklaces and earrings.

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What are the best tools to work with when making your memory box?

While making your memory box, you should use tools that are unique. These tools will create a special design on the surface of your breast milk and make it look more like a piece of jewellery. You will also need to find an appropriate card or note to go in between each jar. You can use any type of material or colored pens when writing out memory patterns or different slogans on each jar. The best tools you can use to make your breast milk or frozen food jewellery are plastic snap-on cases, button fasteners, and non-corrosive packaging materials.

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