What Does the Perfect Game Day Setup Look Like?

by Carter Toni

Having some friends over to watch live sport can make a big game even bigger as the stage is set and the atmosphere is prepared for you to be able to watch some mouth-watering entertainment. That being said, how do you prepare and make the perfect game day setup for everyone? If you find yourself wondering this, then look no further!

Why Would You Want to Host Game Day?

Hosting game day is incredibly fun. Watching sport with friends is a great way to bond, whether it is in rival jest, camaraderie or a shared frustration, there is no getting around the fact that it is an incredibly fun experience. This is especially the case if the sport you are watching is of a high quality. For instance, the premier league this season is setting up to be a nail-biting ride for football lovers everywhere. This article discusses predictions for the premier league but realistically, it is anybody’s guess. So, how do you set up for game day?

Invite People Based on the Space that You Have

You need to make sure that you are keeping your numbers to an amount that you will comfortably be able to sit in front of the TV, while still ensuring that everybody can see. There will be nothing worse than a crucial sporting moment happening and half of the people at your party not being able to see it. If you have too many people to invite, it may be worth dividing them into those who care about the sport and those that don’t. In doing this, you could invite the people who actually want to watch the sport over first and then have everyone else who isn’t as bothered come round afterwards.

Keep the Drinks Simple

Everyone loves a bit of choice, especially when it comes to having a drink or a cocktail; however, you will make your life very difficult in doing this. You should keep the drinks you offer simple, so that people are not waiting too long to be served one and also because of the fact you are not going to miss out on any of the sport either. There are a lot of easy-to-make drinks out there that you can take advantage of, so you are still wowing guests, but it is a much more time saving wow.

If Preparing Food, Make it in Advance

Unless you have the culinary skills of a professional chef, the pressure of cooking for people after they have arrived can be a bit too much for a lot of people to handle. Game day is supposed to be a fun experience, so you don’t want to be stressing about all of the food that you have to make in the meantime. You should be sure to have a clear idea about what you will be putting out and get to work making it in advance. This can either be the night before or it can be the morning of; either way, it will make the whole process much more straightforward.

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