What Innovation in Online Casino Games Might we Expect in 2022?

by Carter Toni

The online casino industry embraced digital transformation years before that even became a phrase. The main technology trends include AI, machine learning, VR, AR, big data analysis, IoT and 5G implementation. So it’s not hard to predict that tech-savvy iGaming companies will embrace innovation as it happens.

What online casinos offer currently

Visiting iGaming sites can be overwhelming for new players. Such sites now have visually attractive slot games, Live Casinos with real dealers and virtual sports. Although destinations like online casino NetBet have some technically advanced gaming options, it’s interesting to consider possible upgrades.

Some of those features have been around for years, but what else could we expect in the upcoming period?

Innovation in iGaming we want to see in this year

Chatbots are making a huge difference in customer service across all industries, and the same applies to iGaming. Websites can effectively respond to many queries and delegate the most complex issues to live support with an effective chatbot.

Implementation of 5G networks opens up the way for online casinos to support more live casino streams. The most significant benefits of 5G is higher speed and lower latency, meaning a more responsive online gaming experience. A new mobile network can also enable software improvements in games.

Various slot, video poker and roulette games can offer higher-end graphics, and we could expect higher resolutions up to 8k because more users can seamlessly stream the content.

Artificial intelligence is another area of tech advancement that finds its way to the real world. It started aggressively with mobile phone cameras a few years ago, and the chatbots mentioned above are a form of AI and machine learning. A new area where artificial intelligence could be used is for live casinos.

Online casinos have a limited number of live dealers, but if you train AI, you can have more rooms where players can interact with AI and among themselves.

Blockchain and VR

Many iGaming companies added cryptocurrency to their payment methods. Numerous benefits of the blockchain technology behind digital coins include security, privacy and lower fees. Crypto payments benefit users, but blockchain extreme security can help online casinos beyond payment. They could use the technology to save significant users and other data.

Virtual and augmented reality are tech trends that emerged in the last decade. VR has already found its place in online casinos with games like Space Lights or Gonzo’s Quest. We could see more similar content soon because of increasingly cheaper VR equipment.

On the other side, AR mixes the virtual reality of games with the real world. So far, gaming providers haven’t figured out a way to make AR more involved in iGaming sites, but it’s an avenue with many possible attractive features.

Other trends

Live casino is not new, but we could see more of it in the upcoming period with new games included. An emerging trend is slot games in Live casinos.

Online casinos are already well adapted to mobile phones because most players already play on their phones. However, wearable devices like smartwatches are new “it” gadgets, and developers might find a way to utilize the popularity of wearables.

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