Influencer Marketing – a scientific approach to outperform your nearest competitors

by Carter Toni

You must have bought something endorsed by a beautiful celebrity or a well-known person you admire. The idea of influencer marketing is based on celebrity endorsement. By combining the old and new marketing tools, it puts your business into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main differentiator in this marketing is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers. Influencer marketing is, however, a scientific data-driven approach which is used to improve brand awareness and drive a brand’s message to the target audience. It uses top content creators that are specialized in their respective domains.

Influencer marketing is marketing’s next big thing

There was a time when the world of influencer marketing was limited only to celebrities and some highly followed bloggers. The scenario has changed a lot with the forward movement of digital marketing. Influencer marketing services involve data-driven approaches to aware, engage, and retain customers. Here you will learn some of the popular methods of influencer marketing. Even if it is getting worldwide popularity, IM is not suitable for every single business. So, we also recommend you to know whether influencer marketing is right for you. In this regard, you can prefer influencer marketing Youtube videos that are available on the Youtube channel.

Which are the top 6 influencer marketing mediums?

  1. Micro-Influencer
  2. Sponsored Blog Posts and Guest Blogging
  3. Sponsored Social Media Content
  4. Brand Ambassador Programs
  5. Sponsored Gifts
  6. Affiliate marketing

Influencing customers through micro-influencer

The micro-influencers create relevant content for their audience, and hence, they communicate with them via websites, blogs, forums, and social media platforms. These influencers are generally following smaller audience compared to the celebrities with millions of fans and have high engagement rates. A smaller audience allows a micro-influencer to bond with the people who follow them more regularly via their platform. It makes the influencer marketing b2b process appealing. Eventually, they can communicate their experience by answering a question related to your product or service that is asked by an audience member.

Influencing customers through blog posts and guest blogging

A blog influencer is a blogger having millions of subscribers. Approaching the bloggers also considered as a vibrant influencer marketing strategy. Their reach among the readers set them apart from other bloggers. You may have to write a guest post along with images for the blog of your preferred blog influencer to collaborate with him/her. It has to be a sponsor a post about any of your products or services.

Guest Posting

Influencing customers through sponsored social media content

This influencing technique is ideal for businesses based on health, workout, garments, travel, outdoor activities, cars, bikes, diet, fashion, art, beauty, and interior design. Social media influencers are followed by tens of thousands or even millions of people. So, it is an effective way to market a product or service. Under this marketing technique, including influencer marketing on Instagram, you can determine what type of content you are going to promote or write a brief statement about your product. Having some members of your target audience, it allows you to post content that complements your product or service range.

influencer marketing on Instagram

Organize brand ambassador programs

There are many ways to work with celebrities; they are such well-known personalities. You can prefer social media, TV commercials, online ads, print media, blogs, or other written publications to work with your preferred celebrity. You can ask your preferred celebrity to provide coupons and discount codes to your customers, promote your products or services, sponsor an event hosted by your celebrity, or request him/her to write reviews. Nevertheless, influencer marketing cost is the other thing you are supposed to know in this regard. It involves higher cost than the other practices.

Influencing customers through sponsored gifts

Promoting sponsored gifts is another great way of marketing your products or services. It is less-expensive yet a variant influencing technique. As influencers are excited to receive free gifts from your business brand, it can be a kick start your campaign. Opens a first-hand experience of your product, this promotion technique will help you in building long-term relationships with the influencers.


Influencing customers through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trendy marketing technique that promotes a product or service sale onsite and relies on promoting partners. Beneficial for both the parties, the concerned technology is based on an affiliate partner also allows you to redirect the sale to the official website. In this, the influencer receives a commission and the affiliate partner gets paid or rewarded as per the agreement. Marketing experts involve influencer marketing software and influencer marketing tools under this marketing technique.

What doesn’t work in influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a slow-and-steady approach similar to Content Marketing; it does not involve direct selling techniques or quick payouts. It demonstrates the rating your authority, credibility, and thought-leadership within your industry. Let’s take the example of influencer marketing on social media. Isn’t it a slow game of acquiring loyal and engaged followers? It is, however, not simple. Influencer marketing is not about the popularity of the influencer. While involving any IM medium, keep in mind that your goal is to elicit a specific action from your customers. One size doesn’t fit all influencers. It is very challenging to generalize your approach for a different group of influencers.

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