How to Make Your Trade Show Booth More Interactive

by Robert Johnson

Trade shows have helped numerous companies interact with their customers directly, and companies use trade shows to share information about their latest innovations and to gather feedback. To make these events interactive and engaging for attendees, sales professionals, and business owners, trade show booth displays operators do whatever is possible to make their displays impressive and memorable. Technology plays an important role in designing user-friendly displays, but to make these displays effective you have to keep 360 spin photo booth as essentials.

Selecting impressionable graphics is important

Clear, decipherable images that convey brand messaging serve as impressive canvases, the kind that’ll tell your story to audiences. Fabric banner stands with clear images and bold thoughts can help you make positive impressions on guests at trade shows. Use fabric banner stands as direction pointers and place them at various vantage points; all pointers should be pointing towards your fabulous trade show booth.

People like virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality technology allows booth attendees to be immersed in a deeper experience, one where your company’s products and services are being discussed and displayed effectively. It can also be used to guide visitors through an exhibition. Virtual reality has been used by many brands to give booth attendees teasers about future plans; this keeps them engaged and in anticipation of the future. Augmented reality can provide an engaging experience, one where visitors are urged to use their smartphones to connect with images and videos.
Mobile event applications are popular

Many trade show exhibitors now use applications to interact with trades show attendees, and these apps help reach potential clients from anywhere at the trade show. Your company’s app details can be displayed on retractable banner stands at vantage points. These apps open up lines of communication between trade show attendees and exhibitors, with the latter group being able to share valuable, traffic-driving information. Phone applications help you remain connected with trade show attendees long after the event has concluded.


These may seem like controversial technology, but commercial drones are now a common part of trade shows. They cover the event and assist in taking aerial pictures. They also record data about attendees’ behaviors, which exhibitors use to improve floor plans. Drones can engage with trade show attendees directly, leading them towards a specific trade show booth. Drones also provide digital advertising opportunities during trade shows: people will see a drone, with your brand on it, flying around the trade show.

To make your trade show-booth experience interactive, several factors must be considered. But do not forget basic elements like displaying your marketing messages on retractable banners, offering giveaways, and hosting contests. Engaged trade show attendees are more likely to remember a brand, and they’re the people who leave positive trade show-related comments on social media. We hope you’re convinced by the tips above. If you have success using any of these tips, we’d love to hear from you.

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