Yellow Diamond Price: Grade, Cut, & Setting Metals

by Carter Toni

Choosing an engagement ring or purchasing diamonds, in general, is a major life decision that can cost astronomical sums of money. It’s critical to select a diamond that you adore, as there are rarely any “do-overs” when purchasing diamonds.

This guide is ideal for you if you know you want a yellow ring but aren’t sure which type to acquire or want to know what is within your budget. To assist you pick the best ring within your budget, I’ll go through the numerous aspects of yellow diamonds – such as color intensity, cut, setting metals, and cost. 

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Yellow Diamond Grade

Yellow diamonds are usually rated on a linear scale with six levels based on color intensity and tone. The price of yellow diamonds fluctuates a lot depending on where you are on the scale.

Since the scale is linear, the higher a shade of yellow ranks on the scale, the more intense and toned it is. As a result, the higher the price.

The six grades are:

  1. Fancy Light
  2. Fancy Yellow
  3. Fancy Dark
  4. Fancy Deep
  5. Fancy Intense
  6. Fancy Vivid

With any grade, a yellow diamond can also have a secondary color and that can also impact the price. More popular or rare colors will be more expensive than ones that are easy to come by.

Yellow Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond is an important consideration when selecting an engagement ring. Yellow diamonds have distinct optimal cuts than clear diamonds because of their different color and brightness.

The “radiant cut” is the most popular cut for a yellow diamond engagement ring. A radiant cut is rectangular or square in shape, with straight sides and beveled corners. This diamond cut is notable for maximizing the diamond’s yellow qualities.

The “cushion cut” is another fantastic choice for a yellow diamond engagement ring. It’s similar to the radiant cut, but with rounded corners, hence the name. This cut is popular because it highlights the diamond’s brightness.

Setting Metals For Rings

When selecting a setting metal for your yellow diamond engagement ring, keep in mind that the metal you select will have an impact on the diamond’s appearance.

The most popular metal for setting metals is yellow gold. The hue of yellow on the diamond is amplified by yellow gold, which looks magnificent.

White gold or platinum are options if you want something a little less dazzling or want to save a little money. These metals will lighten the color of your diamond. They will, however, make the diamond stand out more and help you save money.

Pricing For Yellow Diamond Rings

The price will be determined by the aforementioned parameters. Depending on the cut, color, size, and metal you choose, a yellow diamond can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000,000. It’s all up to you how high that price rises!

A 1.5ct fancy yellow radiant cut diamond with a radiant cut can be yours for roughly $3,000. A 3ct fancy bright yellow cushion cut, on the other hand, can set you back over $15,000.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that go into the pricing for yellow diamonds such as the grade and the cut. If you’re looking for a yellow diamond you can check out Astteria to see if there is a diamond for you!

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