10 Best Car Toys for Kids

by Carter Toni

Driving a car is always a dream of young kids as they feel adventurous when they watch their parents, brother or sister driving the car. Keeping this desire in mind, toy designers and manufacturers have come up with a plethora of different ideas and these ideas grow up with the changing technologies from wood to digital that all of us have been witnessing. As said plenty of options are available keeping in mind the desires of the children, below are a few toy car options that your kid would love to play with:

1. Super soft stunt shot racing toy cars are loved by every junior car stunt lover as these have big foam tyres. These remote-controlled cars can be rolled both inside the house and also lets your kid show off the stunt in the courtyard. This car toy breaks the tradition of playing inside. With this toy car, kids can play and have lots of fun outdoors also. Gigantic foam wheels help the car from any breakdown. This non-stop wheelie comes with a rechargeable battery so that you can fill the tank at night for a morning adventure.

2. When everything in this world comes with microchips then how kids’ toys can be left with this digital discovery. Hot Wheels have gone one step ahead and designed Virtual Racing Hot Wheels: The Mystery Machine Toy Car. It is embedded with a microchip and supported by a cloud app that gives your child a unique racing and playing experience.

3. A set of 4 little bigger ones from normal cars, the 1957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe will be loved by your kids and their friends. Pull back action and opening and closing of the door will fascinate them for making a complete play store. Four different color kids’ toy cars will be loved by your kid’s company.

4. Dismantling and constructing according to their design is very much liked by kids, and Mini C11 Nebulous comes with 12 interchangeable parts—tyres and rims, roof, and body. The manufacturing material wood is perfectly crafted and treated in such a way that it fits the kid’s imagination flawlessly.

5. A high-speed racing car will be the perfect gift for car-loving kids. Coming with unique for running in and off the surface will add new angle group playing. The battery-operated car comes with a USB rechargeable setup.

6. Tracking is fun and when your toy car is able to climb in your backyard garden with rocks and mountain-like structure your child will feel proud and happy. Toy truck with concept of terrain vehicle and controlled by remote. The remote gear will move your terrain toy truck on rocks and another rough backyard surface. This toy is also good for hand and finger movement. It also develops a sense of concentration which is very important in child growth. And as you move out you must be thinking that water and mussy weather will move your truck to the junkyard, no it is not like this, the truck is manufactured keeping in mind these conditions and is water-resistant.

7. Hollywood and Bollywood car stunt movies have raised the craze of stunt car toys among kids, and they also want to do the same, what they watch in these movies. This stunt car comes with big wheels turning 360 degree and have a nice and steady front and back bumper which keeps the toy safe in any type of crash. And the best part of this toy is that it develops confidence among kids when they make the right decisions.

8. A racing police car for kids is loved by them, this will be their all-time favorite, as they always behave like cops running behind the bad people to teach them a good lesson. The car comes with a remote control and red light- police alarm. The remote and car have a rechargeable battery that will fill the tank overnight and the city cop is ready for duty in the morning. Professional crafted and painted with police department logo and color will give him that feeling that he is the real cop.

9. Research shows that the craziness of car toys is among all age groups, right from toddlers to adults. There are not only lots of options for adults and kids who can easily remote control but also the toy market is flooded with toddler’s car toys. Cute in looks and colors, little one enjoys and plays with them. It is always advisable to go for a branded one as your driver is in the habit to take the things in their mouth. This car toy comes with a varied option like pushback, battery-operated, and attached with string.

10. Ice Van is yet another toy car gift that is liked by kids. Kids always dreamt of having this van as they keep visiting the van almost all season. Coming with the advanced feature, this van in some cases comes with a remote operating system whose doors and ice cream popup when pushed the gear.

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