6 Best Sports Streaming Websites To Use

by Carter Toni

Sports are a form of entertainment for millions of people. But even more, sport can unite people under a single banner. As such, millions rely on getting their daily dose of entertainment by watching football, tennis, basketball, F1, and other sports. Sadly, subscription services and cable TV makes it nearly impossible for some to watch their favorite game.

In the UK, for example, the crown jewel of sports entertainment is the Premier League. In the US, it’s NBA, MLB, and MLS. People from all corners of the world tune in to watch their teams compete for championships and trophies. But it comes at a heavy cost. In some cases, access to watch a whole season of football can cost thousands of dollars. That is serious money. Why pay when you can watch for free? So to help you out, there are the six best sports streaming websites to use.


Do we have to say more about Sports4free.ga? Most of you probably know the service, as it is the best website to watch sports. As the name suggests, the website is completely free and doesn’t require creating an account. You can watch a ton of sports including football, American football, tennis, basketball, and more. It is an all-in-one platform for all of your sports entertainment needs. You can also watch UFC, boxing events, and more.

Sports4free is also very safe. As we mentioned, the website doesn’t require creating an account, meaning you are not compromising your information. To know more about the service, see this Sports4free review.

Total Sportek

Total Sportek is yet another solid option to watch all kinds of sports. Users can watch football, American football, basketball, F1, UFC, tennis, and even Olympic games. The service has been around for quite some time now. It is fairly common in the sports streaming world, and it even allows users to stream in HD. It is free, requires no account creation, and is easily accessible. Bear in mind, these websites make money from ads, so you will see pop-up ads once you click on a specific game to watch.

Total Sportek gives you multiple streaming options for every game. If a service is broadcasting the game, you will find it on Total Sportek.

Soccer Streams Reddit

Soccer Streams Reddit isn’t only a sports streaming website, but an entire community. The history behind this community is quite fascinating. It started as a community on Reddit, where users would share links for sports games. But after breaching Reddit’s terms of service, they effectively shut down the community.

Many fans were displeased with this decision. After all, r/SoccerStreams was a central hub for sports streams. People knew exactly where to go to find links to watch their teams. When the community got shut down, Soccer Streams Reddit became a website. Nowadays, all you need to do to access HD games is simply Google the name.

The website is free, easily available, and gives users multiple streaming options for every game. Even though the website specializes in soccer (football), you will find links for dozens of sports ranging from tennis to the Olympic games.


Stream2Watch is a different website from the three we mentioned. While the previous websites allow the streaming of sports games, Stream2Watch is a community where you will find links for television streams. This means that you can watch anything from sports to TV shows. The website has excellent coverage of live sports, entertainment, and news channels. It is free, reliable, and fast. The website allows streaming in HD, and it has a huge library of television channels.

Think of Stream2Watch as a central hub for television streaming. Simply select the channel you want to stream and get access to your favorite sports games.

Live Soccer TV

Yet another sports streaming website that gives users access to all sports games, Live Soccer TV holds a pretty impressive reputation in the world of sports streaming. The website is free, streams in HD, and even comes with an Andriod and iOS app. This means that you can watch your favorite games on the go.

In addition to all that, Live SOccer TV has a “channels” tab where it shows you all the sports television channels based on your location. So if you’re from the US, it gives you all the sports channels available in your country. This means that you can select the channel you want to stream and watch for hours. Is there a particular game on ESPN 3? Fear not, simply select the channel and let the website do the rest.

Live Soccer TV is one of the best sports streaming websites out there.

Soccer Online

Soccer Online is a website that specializes in soccer. When you visit the website, you see eleven categories. Each category represents a particular league. The list of leagues includes the English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, US, Portuguese, and Dutch leagues. In addition, the website gives you access to continental competitions such as The Champions League, the Europa League, Conference Leagues, and every other football league in the world.

If you’re interested in watching lesser-known leagues, just click on the “Football Stream” category. The website allows streaming in HD, but ads can be quite annoying. The ads on this particular website are even more annoying than other websites on this list. So it might not be your go-to option for sports streaming.

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