7 best standard SCGO cases

by Carter Toni

Anyone who plays CS:GO dreams about getting cool skin, but often these things are too expensive (some rare skins are more expensive than a used car!).

On the one hand, trusted skin-opening websites such as BloodyCase are a great way out. Using platforms like this, you can get the skin you want in a couple of seconds by simply paying to play, instead of having to wait months for the desired skin to drop in a regular game.

On the other hand, knowing what items can drop in a particular case significantly increases your chances of getting the desired item. Now we will tell you what fascinating skins can drop the 7 best standard CS:GO cases!

Weapon case 3

The only case in CS:GO that can give you only pistols. The case itself is quite beautiful; even though you won’t find colorful skins with complex patterns here, it still can give you aesthetically beautiful skins with volumetric engravings.

Let’s take, for example, the CZ-75 Victoria pistol, which seems to have been made in the royal family’s workshop.

Operation Phoenix case

Together with Operation Phoenix, Valve released an eponymous case, which later became one of the most significant items in the history of the game. It was in this case that the AK-47 RedLine, which has long been a kind of currency because of its stable price, appeared.

The second gun from the Asimov series also appeared here. After AWP, they will also add this skin to the P90, P250, and AK-47.

Chroma 3 case

This case doesn’t contain beautiful blue skins, but it still has something special to offer. When this case was added to the game, we discovered the best skins for Bison and UMP, as well as one of the best patterns for the M4A1-S in terms of price/beauty.

Just look at the PP-Bizon Anubis’s Revenge that appeared in Chromed Case 3. Oh, how cool such a skin would look on AWP or M4A4!

Spectrum 2 case

This is another case that can offer you some excellent inexpensive skins. It features unique Glock-18 skin – a nice wood pattern, as well as a funky MP9 submachine gun that looks like it’s covered in slime.

There are also some cool examples among the expensive skins presented: the AK-47 Empress is definitely one of the top 10 most detailed weapon skins in the game!

Clutch case

All pink and red skins in this case are considered the best of the best guns in the game. There are uniquely designed USP-S Brains, the awesome AWP Mortis sniper rifle, the marvelous MP7, and the M4A4.

SWAG-7 is also worth mentioning: this funny skin for MAG-7 is a perfect opportunity to brag to your teammates and opponents.

Prisma case

Prisma is one of the most diverse CS:GO cases: all items look extravagant and unique. All purple skins stand out from hundreds of other skins that look quite similar.

Prisma case also features an unofficial sequel to the AK-47 Empress skin. This time Valve has added an “Emperor” to the game, which looks great when applied to the M4A4!


This collection is known for many detailed skins you can find here. Check out the voluminous P90 Death Grip, the cute AWP Paw, and the dizzying Famas Eye of Athena.

Most players like the new “Neon Racer” skin for the AK-47. After a while, SteelSeries even released a series of computer mice and rugs with this color scheme.

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