Animated Logo Styles to Inspire you

by Carter Toni

UI/UX designers are going through a creative evolution nowadays. The designer’s role is constantly evolving to keep up with the speed of innovation. As a designer, you can’t ignore the impact of these technological advancements and must design a solution that will resonate with users and catch their attention. To get you started, here’s an illustrated guide to the art of selecting animated logos.

Bright Color Logo Animation 

Optimize your animated logo for a traditional website by selecting an intense color logo with small lettering. Try removing text entirely and then splashing a bold color to draw the viewer’s attention. This kind of animation is suitable for rich media websites that emphasize entertainment. 

Bold Text Logo Animation 

Bold text is another common approach for creating an animated logo. To make a text logo bright and lively, you’ll need to use a shade of the same color as the font. For this effect, use purple or teal text with a dark background. The effect of this animation is best suited for an entertainment website with animated page content.

Hand Lettering Logo Animation

For creative animations, we recommend using hand lettering. By simply outlining a picture using typography, you can draw a meaningful logo with just a few lines. You can simply freehand letters in a variety of shapes and add a realistic touch to your animation. This approach is best suited for visually stunning websites that are made for decoration, so keep your identity simple and minimalistic. 

If your company’s brand is built on legacy or is known for the clarity of its values, then we recommend adding an animation to your logo to maximize recognition. A red color scheme can be a powerful element to add drama to your logo. Simply highlight or remove text and then insert an animated form to inspire viewers. 

A micro-animation is an icon that only has a small animation or wordplay. It can be used to show a character moving in motion or sliding between the two extremes. The animation would play only for a few seconds and would save you the hassle of maintaining a complex interface. This kind of logo is best suited for an entertainment website.

Tiny Logo Animation 

If your logo would look nice with very little animation, then consider using a different color palette for your animated image. Instead of green, blue or yellow, choose blue, red, or orange. If the color is too close to the subject’s identity, it will be difficult to recognize the subject in any situation. For this effect, select a larger font size and place your logo on a small icon. 

Micro-Animations with Colored Frames 

It’s not always necessary to create micro-animations with any animation. You can also use the color box to create a cute animation that has a subtle character. You can insert a few circles or lines with a gray color around the color box to create a tiny frame. To add more charm to your animated logo, place your subject inside the frame and then animate the moving frame. 

Hovering Box Logo Animation 

Using the information above, you can create an amazing animation with just a single element. Most of the time, it’s a circle that holds a circle with a circle around it. You can add animation to the circle by moving it slowly in any direction. To create the illusion of a hover effect, select black color for your entire logo. 

Final thoughts 

This list is just a start. We hope you will find it useful in combining the previously mentioned attributes to create your own unique animated logo. These are just a few recommendations and guidelines, so try them out and see what works for your brand.

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