Beautiful Ideas for a Chilled-Out & Intimate Wedding Day

by Carter Toni

For some, a wedding day is a huge celebration, a day packedfull with entertainment from dawn until dusk and no expense should be spared on anything from the dress and the bridal party, to the food and the venue.

Others, however, see marriage and the union of two people as a much more intimate and private endeavor and as such, want their wedding to be a more serene and calming event.

If you’re part of the latter group and are planning your wedding, then you’ve clicked on the right link, because here are some of the best ideas for a chilled-out and intimate wedding.

Delegate to Your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Everyone would understand if you have a small niggle in the back of your mind that you’re worried you’re becoming a bit of a ‘Bridezilla’, that is, making too many demands on your loved ones and getting yourself workedup over relatively minor issues.

However, delegation is one method of removing stress from your own shoulders and also providing your family and friends with an outlet to throw their excitement and willingness to help into.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Obviously, nobody would suggest that picking your wedding venue is a task you would rush to complete, although as there are so many other important things to organize, you would actually be surprised at the number of people who do.

For an intimate, personal, and private wedding day and evening, look for a wonderfully calm and serene wedding venue in the countryside, which has the added bonus of beautiful backdrops and the fresh air. For the evening event, make sure there’s ample space for music to be played and for you, together with the people you love most in your life to dance the night away.

Ban Social Media Posts

As the bride and groom, you’ll have enough to think about and to experience on your wedding day, without worrying that one of your friends or great aunt Nora is going to take an unflattering photograph of the back of your head and upload it to Instagram.

To allow you both to completely relax and be present in the moment, on your wedding invitations include a note asking people not to upload any photographs on social media and reinforce thison a chalk board at the reception.

When it comes to your wedding photographs, you could even go one step further and leave the photography to the professionals and encourage your wedding guests to enjoy the day and just be present in the moment, instead of constantly snapping pictures.

Natural Beauty is Always Better

Finally, there’s an undeniable link between beauty and nature and it’s therefore freedom-inducing, not to mention far less stressful, to opt for a natural look for the bridal party.

Moreover, as the bride, instead of following the latest trending styles of wedding dresses on social media and those showcased by fashion designers, choose a dress that you feel comfortable, attractive, and relaxed in.

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