Is It Possible to Pay for Wedding Invites with Crypto Currency?

by Carter Toni

Sending and receiving money has never been easier with the rise of crypto currency, but it’s also not limited to buying things online or investing in the financial market. You can now use this popular form of currency to pay for your wedding invite designs! However, this is not an option that all online retailers are opting for. What this means is that you have to pre-check to be sure that the preferred retailer can accept crypto currency.

Want to pay for your wedding invitations using Crypto Currency? Read on to find more.

Can you pay for wedding invitation using Crypto currency?

The answer to this question is yes, but limited. If you are looking to pay for your wedding invitations with Crypto currency, then you must have the money transfer to the site first. After that, they will convert the money into USD or your preferred currency. The best approach is to invest in crypto currency and convert the bitcoins or other coins into cash before purchasing.

Is it legal to pay online with Crypto Currencies?

This is another concern that you need to know before paying for wedding invitations using Bitcoin or other coins.  So are you wondering whether it’s illegal to pay for wedding invitations using crypto currencies? Its legal in most jurisdictions and you can purchase wedding invitations or even fund the entire wedding with bitcoins.

How to pay for Wedding invitations using Bitcoins

Bitcoins are the most popular form of cryptocurrency for online purchases. However, if you want to pay for wedding save the date cards using Bitcoins, you should follow the step explained below.

Invest in Bitcoins and convert them into cash

If you are an investor in crypto currency, you already know how this process goes. You need to start by investing on Cryptocurrency using your favorite wallet. After this, you can change it into cash when you feel ready to purchase wedding invitation designs online.

Find the vendors that accept Crypto currencies

Besides converting bitcoins or other coins into cash, you can find wedding invitation sellers that accept crypto currencies. Although the list is limited, you will probably find few vendors online that accepts BTC, ETH or other coins.

Pay for Wedding Invitations with Bitcoins

When you find the right vendor that accepts crypto transactions, you can simply transfer your Bitcoin to pay for your wedding invitations. You will need a current account to deposit the money in USD so that the seller can convert them into cash or pay using another method.

The pros and cons of paying for wedding invitations with Crypto Currencies

One of the major benefits of paying for wedding invitations online using crypto coins is that you can save a lot. If you are an individual that are looking to cut costs, then this can be a perfect option because you need not send hard cash or other currency.

To make your wedding invitations affordable, you have to store money in the form of Bitcoins before beginning. Also, crypto coins are popular for their transparent and peer to peer system. When you use them to pay for wedding invitations, then you don’t need to deal with the banks or other intermediaries.

You can also use crypto currencies to pay for the wedding invitations that are not available in your local area. For example, if you are looking for invites that come from a certain country or region, then using this form of currency will be your best bet.

On the other hand, the drawback of using a crypto currency to pay for the wedding invitation is that there are limited options. Unlike other types of currency, there are a limited number of websites that accept crypto currencies. For example, if you don’t live in the US but want to receive your wedding invitations online using Bitcoins, then you should search for vendors that accepts BTC.


It’s possible to pay for wedding invitations using crypto currencies, but you have to be careful and check if the vendors that you are interested in accept crypto currency. If they do, then you will be able to use this form of currency to pay for your wedding invitations.

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