Best Slot Tournaments by Software Providers

by Carter Toni

Slot tournaments are popular, but they are not run by all casino brands even though they are a great marketing tool for attracting customers. It is the only time that slot players can come together as part of a gaming community because 90 percent of the time, UK slots playing is a solitary experience. Most slot players do not mind this because they are usually too engrossed in what they are playing, to worry about community spirit.

However, there are prizes to be won which are dependent on the size of the casino brand and the number of competitors each tournament attracts, so taking part is well-worth the time and effort.

Slot Tournaments: A Closer Look

Slot tournaments not only drum up business for casinos but are also used as a marketing tool to advertise a slot game or a slot game provider. This is because a specially selected slot is usually at the heart of a slot gaming tournament.

The game can be new or in need of a shot in the arm because the gambling audience has moved on to gaming pastures new. Or the slot can be an all-time classic which is guaranteed to pull in an audience.

Some of the biggest gambling brands are behind slot game tournaments and they also design the software that holds the tournament itself. The chances are that if you have taken part in a tournament, then Microgaming or NetEnt is behind the tournament organization, the tournament software, and possibly even the slot that is being used as part of the competition.

This is hardly surprising because both software providers are trailblazers in their field. Microgaming has been credited with producing the first online casino software back in the mid-1990s and they are still creating new slot games and software that is being used by some of the biggest casino brands around.

NetEnt has a similar high standing in the gambling industry, and they are still churning out new slot titles, and improving on, and adding to, the gambling software they created in the past.

Other Tournament Specifics

There are other intricacies and tournament terms that potential slot tournament customers should be aware of. Buy-in tournaments are usually the ones that come armed with the best prizes as there is an entry fee to pay upon registration. This fee is used to create a prize pool of cash, or it is used to create noncash prizes such as tech bundles.

Freeroll tournaments are as the title suggests, free to enter, but the prizes here are on a smaller scale. However, buy-in and freeroll competitions have limited spaces and potential tournament competitors need to move fast to get a place.

Tournament Structure

Tournaments require the entrants to spin a certain game at a set stake, within a certain timeframe or for a set number of spins. The aim is to see who can win the most cash during this limited time and the player that does top the leader board at the end, bags the top prize. Some of the larger contests give prizes to the top 10 finishes, so it is well-worth giving slot tournaments ago.

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