Bored? Think Outside the Box!

by Carter Toni

Let’s face it – who’s not bored by now? Fully two years into apandemic which has forced most of us to spend inordinate amounts of time at home and with limited in-person interactions with others, many people are going out of their mind with boredom, especially in those parts of the world where it’s winter right now. If you feel like it’s time you picked up a new hobby, here are some ideas for things you might like to try out based on what you already know you enjoy. Keep an open mind and try out something new, you might surprise yourself!

Live music aficionado? Attend a sport event

If you enjoy the buzz of going to a gig, you might get a similar vibe from attending a large sporting event. The two things have a lot in common, after all; huge crowds, big emotions and, of course, the thrill of watching a group of professionals do what they do best, right before your eyes. So why not grab yourself a couple of MLB baseball tickets and head to the big game?

Theatre fan? Give LARPing a go

If you enjoy watching live performances and have been dying to give it a go yourself, but don’t have the time or confidence to try out for your local amateur dramatics society’s next performance, you might enjoy LARPing, which is short for Live Action Role-Playing. LARPing is a group activity which takes place over one or two days, usually a weekend, and involves people dressing up as characters from a pre-determined cast and playing out a story through improvisation. It’s like playing a role-playing game such as Dungeons and Dragons, but instead of simply stating ‘now I, the mage, enter the cave and encounter a troll” you actually get to dress up as a mage and play out your encounter with the troll. It’s a lot of fun!

Bored of the gym? Try paintball

At the gym, working out can easily start to feel like a repetitive chore, especially if you’re doing it on your own. A great way to keep fit while enjoying yourself with some friends is taking part in an outdoor game such as paintball. Paintballing is a full-body workout, keeps your mind as well as your body active, and it is huge fun.Just make sure to keep your ultra-competitive streak in check – you don’t want to lose friendships over a bit of paint!

Had enough of videogames? Organize a board games night instead

Gaming can be hugely entertaining, but if you already have to spend long hours staring at a screen for work or school purposes you might be concerned about the negative effects that too much screen time can have on your health. An alternative way to entertain yourself and your friends or family is to swap videogames for board games, card games or tabletop role-playing games. Don’t just think Monopoly or Pictionary, either: these is a huge variety of board games out there to suit all ages andtastes. Happy playing!

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