Buddha Purnima 2020: Celebration of a Holy day for the Buddhists by chanting mantras

by Jaimy Lee

It is the birthday of Lord Buddha. This day is widely celebrated all over the world. The followers begin the preparations some days in advance.

Buddha Purnima 2020

New Delhi: Buddha Purnima is the most auspicious occasion for the Buddhist followers. This day is also known as Buddha Jayanti. It is the day to celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha.

Traditionally, it is a holiday in Mahayana Buddhism. It commemorates the birth of Prince Siddharth Gautama. He was later known as Gautam Buddha. He was the founder of Buddhism.

The birth of Lord Buddha is widely celebrated across the world by his followers. They begin the preparation to celebrate the day some days in advance.

Gautam Buddha was known as Prince Siddharth Gautam, before he denounced all the worldly pleasures in pursuit of the knowledge of ultimate truth. He later became transformed to Gautam Buddha. He founded Buddhism as a path that leads to spiritual enlightenment of the soul.

The Theravada Tripitakan scriptures mention that Prince Gautama was born in Lumbini. It is now known as modern day Nepal. He was born around 563 BCE. He was later raised in Kapilvastu.

Mantras are chanted within all forms of Nichiren Buddhism, as well as Tendai Buddhism. It is the Lotus Sutra. It helps in attaining mental peace and people believe that it cures all the problems in life.

Buddhism says that chanting of mantras sets the mind into a state of meditation. The common Theravada chants are generally based on Pali Canon, Mahayana and Vajrayana chants.

There are various chanting mantras in Buddhism. The most common mantra happens to be from the Nichiren Buddhism. It is chanting of the five characters. It means a tribute to the true dharma of the Lotus sutra. This comes under the Mahayana Sutra chants.

Mahayana Sutra unfolds Shakyamuni’s real self as a Buddha who attained enlightenment years back.

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