Chrome Extensions: Most of Them Manage Even Less Than 1000 Installs

by Carter Toni

While the Chrome web store might boast of 188,620 extensions with roughly 1.23 billion installs till date, this is only one side of the story. The major chunk of these installs is done by a pretty small count of users and only 13 extensions out of all have more than 10 million installs.

All these details surfaced when a scan was run through Chrome Web Store by Extension Monitor. The most surprising fact that came to fore as a result of this exercise is that whooping 87% of the total Chrome extensions have got even less than 1000 installs.

Dividing it further, 50% of all the extensions have fewer than 16 installs. Apart from this, 25,540 extensions, which accounts for roughly 13 per cent of the total, have barely got one user each. And, 19,379 extensions have not even managed to open an account yet, which means a little more than 10% of the Chrome extensions are still sitting at zero installs.

Now, let us shift our focus towards those extensions, which have managed to breach the 10 million mark of installations. Their count stands at 13 at the moment and the list includes Tampermonkey,Google Translate, Avast Online Security, Pinterest Save Button, Adblock Plus, Adobe Acrobat, Grammarly for Chrome, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Skype, Avast SafePrice, Honey and Cisco Webex.

Apart from this, we have come up with a top ten list of extensions, which have managed a little less than ten million installs. These include the extensions based on communications, ad blockers, shopping, coupons, password managers and security. Here’s the extensive list with statistics.

Name Installs
Google Photos 9,288,594
Free Password Manager: LastPass 9,173,056
Text 9,043,745
Avira Browser Safety 8,782,312
Rung Rinh: Free Cashback Shopping Assistant 8,538,120
AVG SafePrice 8,363,869
Video Downloader for Chrome 8,281,833
Google Hangouts 7,711,927
Hola Free VPN Proxy Blocker 7,533,902
Amazon Assistant for Chrome 6,805,387

As you could foretell, paid extensions account for just 8.9 percent, which is about 16,718 of the total count- they managed only 2.6 percent installs. Besides, 5,885 extensions out of this 16,718, have no installs at all. Internet Explorer tab is the most popular amongst all till date and has managed got 4.1 million installs till date. The next closest in the paid versions is LucidChrart Diagrams, which has recorded for 615,789 installs as on date.

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