Clever Content Marketing Strategies for Successful Business

by Marie

Day after day, year after year, we have been showcased with the brands that are crushing with content in their niche. This is what content marketing is all about, turning the visitors eventually into customers using content. Once you use the content marketing, you will know how effective it could be. But, there is only one problem that we all could face that is it can be seriously hard work and we can run out of ideas for content marketing campaigns. Because today’s marketer knows content is king, they definitely want to make content that stands out in the crowd.

If we believe the facts, more than 60% of organizations struggle to develop unique content consistently, and more than 65% face the challenge to develop engaging content. The facts clearly mean that if the organizations are unable to produce unique and engaging content this means they are losing money. This is why after knowing the requirements, we’ve put together a list of some of the best content marketing instances to apply to your own content. So, be ready to get inspired by some of the content marketing examples. Let’s get started!

1. Nintendo’s Multi-Channel Campaign


One of the best content marketing illustrations that we would start with is Nintendo. This is when Nintendo was introducing their Switch console, they used different marketing channels to produce excitement among the people for the launch of new console. The campaign that they started was global, spreading different accounts to reach users across the world. Since the product Switch console was a world-wide product, Nintendo made sure to get the word out about their new console on a world-wide scale. Be it a post on social media or a huge billboards, the company maintained the usage of consistent visual branding across different channels and different locations.

Let’s see how it can help you. Let’s assume, even if your business isn’t a world-wide brand, you can still gain expertise from Nintendo’s Switch campaign. Their multi-channel campaign proven to be effectual because they kept their message and branding consistent across all the channels. What we learn from this is that it’s important to use visual branding and messaging accordant. You should stay focused on continuous branding, so that you can make sure that your brand is sending one direct message across every campaign in all channels.

2. Google’s Doodles

Google Doodles

Unarguably Google launched the most successful internet company ever. However, Google doesn’t need an introduction, still one thing which they are good at is producing the great content. Just because Google don’t need an introduction, it is a huge mistake to think that it doesn’t need to promote itself. Like many other small and large enterprises, Google too needs to evolve and stay relevant. And, there is no surprise in the fact that they are doing it extremely well.

One such successful campaign that they launched was the Google Doodle. Now, we all know that it has turned into a much loved tradition. Don’t you think this is such a great idea? On notable days all around the year, Google transforms its logo into animated pictures to match up with the day it’s celebrating. Apart from just being interactive, it keeps the audience engaged.

What we learn from Google is that you need to stand out from the crowd. Only this is the way people will share and talk about your content. Don’t worry, if you are thinking about the time, resource or creativity, there are plenty of content marketing experts out there to help you. One thing surely no one can ignore that is the power of content marketing.


Honestly, it’s very hard to select just one element of content marketing strategy of ASOS. They have so much and they are all so good. The company seamlessly work on with its blog, email strategy, Instagram presence, and video marketing all other things.


What we should look into the company is their most engrossing strategic choices for incorporating the influencers into their strategy of content marketing. Each of their influencer has a specific ASOS Instagram account to share shoppable ASOS styling. The influencers are featured on their site with a specific artistic underlines under their picture. This tactic of theirs has enabled a customer to determine which influencer suits best with their own personal style.

Wondering what makes their Content great? Content is at the heart of company’s marketing strategy. You just can’t force “content marketing” into a separate silo. The company strategies to mix old and new.

4. HubSpot

The inbound marketing industry has been loaded with organizations, such as Pardot, Marketo, and Infusionsoft, among others. However, the king of the crowd remains HubSpot. The primary reason why HubSpot has gained popularity quickly because of their strategy of content marketing.

They have kept blogs as the central part to their content marketing strategy, one is purely focused on marketing and the other is on sales. The ultimate goal that they have set through these blogs is to grow traffic to their funnel. We all know that HubSpot serves small businesses so that their focus remains on knowing about inward marketing, like writing blogs, SEO, and social media posts. This is how the top of the funnel is covered. Their resources section features everything content from middle to the bottom-of-funnel, which is determined on turning visitors into leads. Content marketing is the only thing that has been their growth drivers since inception.

Final Thoughts

Every single one of these examples that I have written above relies on developing something of value and promoting it to interested audiences. Yes, it is very easy when we talk about why “content is king” but, when it comes to implement the same, we face struggles. One thing is for sure that we should all be producing more content because this is the only way to actually execute it in such a way to get amazing results. Furthermore, the examples that we have mentioned above are relatively replicable and straightforward ideas at their core.  Content marketing focuses on consumers first thing, builds trust, and let them approach the brand when they’re ready.

Did you spot a trend yet?

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