Content Marketing: Let’s know its Fascinating Statistics

by Manisha Rao

In recent years, content marketing has been moving at the speed of light and the reason behind this is also very clear. The brands are highly indulged in advertising and sales tactics to attract customers and show them about their authenticity, transparency, and friendliness.

Content Marketing Statistics

Content marketing has been reliable, proven way to drive traffic and increase leads and sales. The advent of the internet and social media has a lot to do with this. Content marketing is used by most of businesses as it is helping their customers to pick and choose exactly whom they want to interact with. Marketing statistics is a great way to remain relevant and stay up to date on marketing trends. We know that enterprises are giving out so much content daily, there is no wonder that marketers may be guessing if content marketing could still be a relevant thing to do. So, to take this question out of marketers mind, we have pulled out some of the content marketing statistics and facts to prove them wrong.

1. Stats of Content Marketing Trends

  • 61% of marketers improved “their strength to measure and analyze marketing efforts”.
  • 92% of marketers perspective content as a real business success asset.
  • 70% give importance to the content quality than quantity.
  • For the content distribution 64% of content marketers use PPC or SEM
  • 62% of companies having more than develop daily content.
  • Infographics (37%) and Stock photography (40%) are the most frequently utilized visual content.
  • Over 91% of the audience reward the brands for their authenticity.
  • 51% of content is gathered from organic search.
  • According to the 35% of the marketers, the major struggle that they face is in creating engaging visual content frequently.
  • Prescriptive content is used by 97% of content marketers, while 78% uses press release in the strategy.
  • 56% of the businesses increased their content creation spending.
  • Major concern of content marketing organizations is changes to SEO and social media algorithms.
  • The challenges that have been seen in content marketing is reportedly lack of data and lack of strategy.

2. A cost-effective method than paid advertising campaigns 

You won’t believe that each person watches more than 5,000 advertisements per day. With so much clutter, people have now learned the ways to tune out banner ads, pop-ups, and pay-to-click links on Google. Look at the stats that we have considered taking in account about the price of hiring a content team vs. creating a paid search campaign. If we take a medium to a large-sized enterprises, the cost of content marketing may be up to 41% less per lead than paid search. However, the cost for a big enterprise for an average customer acquisition has been dropped per lead after switching to content marketing. It is true that it takes much less time to get a paid campaign give results, but, the content marketing strategies create four times over leads.

Content Shock

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Always remember the fact that more the content on website= more the traffic. Companies who pay to write blogs have more than 434% indexed pages than the companies who doesn’t believe in writing the blogs. Publish the content frequently, Google will definitely continue to increase your page rank. Hence, it will be easier for the customers to find you. 77% of users read blogs and this information is known to be a subtle way to increase your audience’s attention. After all, blogs are a perfect way to let customer learn about a company. So don’t wait further just start writing!

3. Content strategy is followed by 38% of B2C brands and 37% of B2B brands 

The key to get successful in content marketing is to have a full-fledged strategy. Despite the fact that there is a strong relation between representing a strategy and sensing success, just 37% of B2B brands and 38% of B2C brands strategize. The message is clear by this statistics that you need to analyze the data and spot the recent trends to gain success. If you are wondering what kind of content would perform better with your audience, first of all modify the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. One way by which it could be done is by looking at your competitors. You can also try to spend time with customers to observe their behavior, get a meaningful small data. After this, you need to create a one-page plan with all the objectives, strategy, goals, and the performance metrics.

4. Video Content Marketing Statistics

Ultra Engaged YouTube Audience

Video is another type of visual content marketing and there is no doubt why marketers are going big on video. As we know, most of the people are spending more than 4 hours in watching videos. This is why about 48% of the marketers are taking YouTube video as a priority and not only this, 46% plan to focus on Facebook video. Video gets results and there is nothing much surprising in this. Customers trust videos and those who are aged 18-34 would stop whatever they’re doing to watch a new video. Videos are effective and the content marketing statistics show 72% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers are using the video marketing that is possibly generating 66% more leads per year.

5. The Cost of Content Marketing

  • Paid method is used by 71% of B2B marketers: Content marketing is comparatively inexpensive than traditional methods. A marketer has to pay for content creation, no matter if it is done in-house or by a freelancer. A B2B marketer spend money on dispensing the content. The content contains backlinks and social media advertisements. Paid version is used to find a much wider audience so that it helps in boosting various content marketing statistics that are important.
  • Cost is 62% less than traditional marketing: A phrase like “building a trusting relationship” sounds nice. And, the idea behind it is also great as the ultimate goal behind content marketing is to make money, while spending as little as possible.

Summing up

Content marketing is a priority and must be a priority, no matter your business is new or old. By all the statistics above, one thing is sure that content marketing can do wonders to your business.

So, what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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