For which casino games can I employ card counting?

by Carter Toni

Over the several hundred years since the Venetians first established the Casino di Venezia back in the 17th century, the casino industry has endured a profound and consistent period of evolution. Amazingly, this was the first ever genuine state run casino in the world, which is surprising when you consider that humans had been gambling for many thousands of years prior.

Regardless, there is absolutely no question of how far the casino world has come over the last few hundred years, starting from just one modest gambling establishment, and spreading into the behemoth that it is today – try free slots casino.

This is a pretty obvious evolution of course, but something many people don’t think about quite as much is the evolution of casino gambling strategy. It is quite amazing when you stop to think about it, and card counting is undeniably the best example of this. Read on for an exploration into which casino games you can employ card counting on.

Card counting: An infallible casino strategy

As far as casino strategies go, there’s absolutely no denying that card counting is probably the most infallible, provided you are actually doing it correctly of course. The whole mechanics behind card counting are really quite simple at heart, all you have to do as a gambler is make sure you have a mathematical brain and an extremely good memory.

It works like this: for each card that is dealt the gambler must make a mental note, and before too long they will be able to accurately estimate what cards are left in the deck. Subsequently, with this knowledge the card counting gambler can tailor the way they play to what cards are left to be dealt. It’s difficult to master, but the pay off can be more than worth it!

The history of card counting

Card counting is quite a common topic in casino gambling circles, however it isn’t often that people actually ask about its history. In our introduction we mentioned how impressive the evolution of casino strategy has been over the years, and card counting is a perfect example. It is said to have been invented back in the 60s by US mathematician Edward O. Thorp, with his popular casino book Beat the Dealer.

In it he set out various strategies that could be used to win at blackjack, with card counting being perhaps the most optimal technique in the whole book.

Casino games you can use card counting with

So, which casino games can you use card counting with? Well, we already mentioned the game it was invented for, but this isn’t the only casino game worth applying the card counting technique too. Here are some casino games you can use card counting with:

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is, of course, the big one when it comes to card counting, especially seeing as it is the game that Edward O. Thorp first designed the technique for.
  • Dragon Tiger: Card counting can also easily be used with the simple casino game Dragon Tiger, however it will be less effective.

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