Four Reasons You Are Not Winning at Blackjack

by Carter Toni

Winning at Blackjack

Gambling is inherently dramatic. However, the truth is that casino gaming is entirely random, and there is little that players can do to affect game results. That holds for most products offered inside gambling establishments, except for blackjack. This game, also known as twenty-one and Pontoon, is unique in that, in it, decision-making plays a role if players walk away from their tables as winners or losers. There aren’t many movies that use slot machines or roulette as plot devices, but there are dozens where blackjack is a focal point. That is so because the level of interactivity this game provides is far more significant, and so is its associated drama.

Blackjack carries a default house edge of 2%, which makes it the most player-friendly casino product ever, next to video poker. Nevertheless, despite this slight built-in advantage that operators have over gamblers, most lay ones find it hard to profit via their blackjack gameplay. At least, things are not as easy as TV shows/movies make them out to be. The main reason for this is that most casual players do not understand the nuances of this game and how to avoid its most common pitfalls. Below, we seek to educate parties interested in engaging in some blackjack action at brick-and-mortar locales or online and prove that there is no enigma in remaining continuously successful at tables that provide twenty-one fun.

Not Implementing Basic Strategy

The primary way for players to improve their odds at the world’s most popular table game is to incorporate some basic blackjack strategy tips in their gameplay. What is a blackjack strategy? It is adhering to a chart detailing what moves players should make in given situations. In other words, when to hit or stand. Technically, someone else has figured out the winning probability in all possible scenarios, and it is up to players to memorize the most beneficial moves in each one. That is all.

Adequately incorporating a blackjack strategy will lower the house edge of this game from 2% to 0.5%. Such strategy charts are widely available online, and they will differ depending on the rules in play. The latter applies to aspects like if the dealer must stand on soft seventeen or if the game allows surrender and splitting aces.

Improper Bankroll Management

Properly not budgeting gambling sessions can have disastrous results. Thus, everyone deciding to risk their hard-earned money on this pastime should do so responsibly, only wagering what they can afford to lose. Moreover, bankroll management also involves compartmentalizing bets and not chasing losses.

Those with compulsive personalities should perhaps not indulge in games of chance altogether if they cannot control their impulses. Knowing when to quit is likely the most vital thing in gambling. Players that think they are due for a win when on a losing streak have fallen prey to the gambler’s fallacy. It is important to remember that past outcomes do not dictate future ones.

Using Betting Systems

Progressive wagering patterns are super popular with newbie gamblers, as to them, they appear as fool-proof schemes en route to profits. An example of one is the Martingale, which involves players doubling their bet size after every losing wager. The logic here is that a win will recoup their losses and land them in the black. The Martingale and other similar progressive betting systems mainly get utilized at games that feature almost 50/50 odds. Nevertheless, many also choose to use it on blackjack.

The problem with betting systems is that it only takes one extended losing streak to land players in a financial hole they cannot exit. Things can quickly get dramatic if players keep doubling bet after bet. Maintaining such a pace for several minutes can quickly deplete one’s entire budget.

Making Side-Bets

Per most veteran card gaming fanatics, making the most popular blackjack side bet, the insurance one, is something that only suckers do. Its house edge is 5.8% at tables that use one deck and 7.5% at those that feature six to eight. Six-deck tables are the norm these days, so that is why it is a super risky wager.

Virtually all blackjack side-bets offered by operators everywhere feature a house advantage above 5%. Progressive ones have astronomical odds, akin to those of popular lottery draws. So, everyone should stick to the base blackjack gameplay and look to gain monetary benefit through it. The probability that they will be successful in this task is far greater if they heed this advice.

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