How to Use This Simple Hack to Rank High for Keywords?

by Pinaki Munshi


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You can use this advanced formula to rank for a considerably high number of Keywords, when you start doing your SEO on your website.

But over a certain time period, your traffic may start to be static. You may not be ranking for many more keywords, even when you are continuously creating new and good contents.

This simple hack may take you from your current number of keywords to a unimaginably high number of keywords, as you can see for yourself.

Now, we must discuss about this hack. It is very much effective and is updated in Ubersuggest.

How can you achieve this feat?

You have to understand this fact. Whenever anyone is searching for something on Google Search, he/she is trying to find a solution to a problem, she/he must be facing now.

You need to easily identify these problems, whose solutions people are searching for.

You have to look for typical 3 types of Keyword phrases

1. Questions:- People seeking for solutions generally type in questions. They look for answers to their problems. You need to offer them the answers to their questions, with your product or with your service. You will be seeing a boost in your rate of conversions.

2. Comparisons:- Someone searching for comparison keywords is having high buyer intent. These comparisons may be like,” MailChimp vs. Converkit”. This is true even when your company is not mentioned in the search phrase.

3. Prepositions:- Keywords containing Prepositions are more descriptive than normal keywords. You should know about common Prepositions, which are used for describing a location, place or time. 

How to find these keywords?

You have to type keywords in Ubersuggest, the keyword you are tracking. For example, you can type the word “Marketing”. It will show a Keywords Idea Table. You can scroll down in that keyword ideas table and you will see tabs for questions, prepositions and comparisons.


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You can click on the “View all keywords ideas”.

You will then be taken to the keywords ideas report that looks like the under mentioned

keywords ideas report

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You can now click on the tab labeled “questions”. It will immediately adjust the keyword recommendations that will show you all the popular questions related to that main keyword, you have searched.


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You will now be seeing certain suggestions, you may like to consider

  • Why is marketing important?
  • What marketing does?
  • How does marketing work?

You will be finding specific questions as you scroll down further:-

  • Why is a marketing plan important?
  • How marketing and sales work together?
  • How many marketing e mails should be sent by you?

Now you are able to see most of the questions people are typing in. You can easily rank for them. Most of them have a SEO difficulty score of 20 or so. It is out of 100. The higher the number is, the more competitive it is.

You can create your own contents around all these phrases and sell your products or service, to people.

Here is an example. If you have created an article on “Why is a marketing plan important?” you can also go into “How can you create a marketing plan?” You can then transit to your products or services from here, on creating a marketing plan. You can also mention as to how people can contact you, if they are in need of your help. They can contact you for your expertise for creating one marketing plan.

You have an opportunity to do something similar with questions such as, “How marketing and sales can work together?” You can create an article on that question in which you can break down “How to make each department work together?” Here

You can be an affiliate for software solutions. These solutions will help merge the two departments such as HubSpot or you can sell your own software, if you have one. You can also offer your own consulting services, which will help tying sales and marketing together.

You can also create contents around”How many e mails should you send?” You can have an affiliate link to popular e mail tools, which have high rate of deliverability. It should also offer automation of e mails. You can sell your own e mail product, if you have one.

Now you have so many extra keywords that will help you to rank for, by going after the question related keywords. Most of these keywords are competitive and all of them have an extremely high search intent.

Will be any better?

You can click on the Comparisons tab, when you consider search intent.

Comparisons tab

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You will be able to see a list of ideas in the tab. It is same as was with the question tab. But you need to type in here a competitor’s brand name.

For example, if you are selling an e mail tool, you type in “Mailchimp”. You will see the comparison ideas Ubersuggest provides you.


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You have an e mail company called ABC and this ABC is not mentioned in any of these Keyword comparison ideas. You have to create articles on all the popular comparison terms, such as “Mailchimp vs. Constant Contact” or “Mailchimp vs. Convertkit”. You can break down the differences within your articles and you can also compare them with your own brand ABC.

You have to honest at the time of writing these comparisons. Just show all the best solutions possible, using all the relevant data and facts. You can highlight how you are different from others. You can also prove as to how your solutions are better than the other’s, whom the readers are comparing.

It will make readers aware of your solution. It will make people purchase your product or service, even after their comparisons.

You can click on “Prepositions” tab to find even better ideas.


(Image: © Neilpatel)

You now know how people are curious about integrations of WordPress and Shopify.

You can write articles related to Integrations. You can now push your own products and highlight how it is superiorly different from others. It will also give you ideas as to how you can modify your business.

How can you rank higher number of keywords?

You just type your domain’s name in Ubersuggest and head over to the top pages report.

rank higher

(Image: © Neilpatel)

You can see what you rank for in this tab, in questions, in prepositions and also in comparisons.

The top page report shows you keywords each of your pages already ranks for. All you have to do is to research each of these terms through Ubersuggest, to find popular questions, prepositions and comparisons.

If you focus on solving people’s problems, by creating contents around the question, preposition or the comparison, people are searching for in Google Search.

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